Marathon Training Week 15

This past week was peak week. I’ve been dreading this week for months, which has kept my mind off being anxious about the actual marathon. So I guess that’s good.

I took a rest day Monday after running 14 miles on Sunday. I spent about half an hour doing my MYRTYL (for the hip girdle!) stretches and foam rolling. Then I went to bed at 9:30 for real. It was glorious.

Tuesday I was up at the crack of dawn to run. I had a late work call Tuesday night that I knew would leave me unmotivated to run. After persuading the dog to get up with me (laziest dog in the world) and go to the bathroom, I fed her and headed to the gym to knock out some morning miles. It was rough. Like real rough. Everything just hurt. I guess that’s to be expected, but at 5am, I was unprepared to handle it.

Mostly the arch of my right foot ached. It felt like it cramped up and radiated up my leg and into my back. It took 4 solid miles to feel like I was in a groove. Just in time to run one more and head home then to work. Oh well. I got it done and felt like a (sleepy) rockstar all day. I foam rolled and did my stretches again that night. Two days in a row!

Wednesday I had a knot in my stomach pretty much all day thinking about running ten miles. Oof. It just felt like so much on a weeknight, inside on the treadmill and before dinner. I was proud of myself for arriving at the gym by 6:55. Only, I forgot my cell phone, which I use for podcasts and episodes of The Wire, and had to drive back home and back to the gym again. Dumb dumb.

I was running by 7:20, and I felt good! I had no idea what to expect after Tuesday’s achey run, but I actually enjoyed the first five miles! I reset the treadmill and did the next five. My only misstep was filling my water bottle with Gatorade which was just doing nothing to quench my thirst. Otherwise, I really had a great run. By ten I was more than ready to be done, but I did make it!

I was in the car heading home by 9:20. I was showered and eating (pasta with butter and grated cheese- little kid style) by 10 and in bed by 10:30! I feel so relieved that my longest mid week run is over! Every middle of the week run from here is under 10 miles! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Woo hoo!

Thursday was a blessedly uneventful 5 mile run. It was actually enjoyable. I had a dentist appointment after work, and my dentist told me all about his marathon experiences. Combined with all the hype around NYCM this weekend, I was just loving running. The gym was still 800 degrees but not as crowded. The Wire is getting really good. I was home by 8:30! Can’t beat that. I did a little foam rolling before bed because everything is tight and sore these days.

Friday I laid low and got super anxious about my long run. I just felt sore and achey and tired. I had no idea how I was going to do 20 miles the next day. Chris and I gave out some candy (we actually ran out this year!) and ordered a pizza. We watched a couple episodes of American Horror Story, (3rd season) and I obsessed over the weather. I set my alarm for 7 and turned in around 11.

Saturday I woke up to rain and wind and just as anxious as ever. I want to devote a separate post to 20 miles, but spoiler alert, I did it!! Sunday was a total rest day. We did the usual church, dog park, errands routine, (albeit with some very sore legs) and it was perfect!

I really feel like my training turned the corner this week. After that first tough run I really started enjoying running again. The miles were fun, and I’m so excited about this marathon rather than fearful of it for the first time!

M- stretch and roll
Tu- 5 miles / stretch and roll
W- 10 miles!!
Th- 5 mile / foam roll
F- stretch and roll
Sa- 20 freaking miles!!!
Su- stretch and roll

Total: 40 miles (!!)
Total so far: 363.1


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