Marathon Training Week 16

AKA week 1 of taper! I was surprised by how tired I felt all week. I figured since it was taper that my body would be feeling great, but I was most definitely still recovering from the previous week. I ended the week more refreshed than I started, and I’m looking forward to an even more low mileage week this week.

I spent all of Monday much more sore than I expected to be. I was way more sore than I was on Sunday. Getting up and down from my desk chair at work was grueling. I took some Advil and came home and took a hot shower before foam rolling for what felt like an hour. My IT bands were so tight they were rubbing on my knee joints. It felt like I had screwed up my knee, but having been down this road before, I knew it was the IT band. We took the dog for a long walk, and that also loosened me up a bit. No running, obviously.

I woke up feeling much better on Tuesday. It was Election Day, so Chris and I went to vote after work. It went pretty quickly, and I was on the treadmill by like 7:15. My stomach was a little wonky, and I was still a bit stiff, but it was a good run. I was riding the high of my last long run and basically just loving running. Oh and I’m almost finished with season one of The Wire, and the episode I watched on the treadmill took the show from good to great. 5 miles done!

Though the run was good, I came home feeling really burnt out. I knew I should have foam rolled because I know that staying healthy these next few weeks is so critical, but I just sat on the couch and drank wine instead. I think that 15 weeks is just kind of a long time to follow a schedule. I’m getting tired, and I’m hoping this taper helps me find some of my energy back.

Wednesday was another longer run I got to tick off. 8 treadmill miles with The Wire. The first 5 were good minus a little stomach trouble. The last 3 were tough. My body is just achey. I think it’s all pretty normal at this point. And the great thing about taper is instead of finishing a long run and gearing up to an even longer one, each run I finish is another tough one ticked off the list. After this run, I realized I only had 10 runs to go, including the marathon! That’s crazy.

I actually foam rolled twice on Wednesday. I knew I should have Tuesday night, but I just didn’t have it in me. When I woke up Wednesday morning, my IT bands were hot to the touch (not good) so I rolled a little before work. I rolled a lot when I came back from my run that night, and I felt about 75% better.

Thursday, since I had 4 miles on the schedule, Chris I ran together! It’s hard to find roads with sidewalks that are well lit enough to run on, and I didn’t want to run in the dark park. My biggest a fear is slipping in a hole and rolling an ankle or something so close to the race. We thought we could make 4 miles on the main roads, but we ended at 2.67. I kind of felt bad short-cutting the run. I asked Chris if he thought it was a mistake not to go for 4, and he gave me this look like, “You are an insane person.” And I thought, I am, so I showered and drank wine and stopped feeling bad. Taper!

Friday was Ashley’s wedding so the extent of my working out was shaking it on the dance floor to a little T. Swift. I danced way too long in silly shoes and woke up with sore feet. Good thing I did nothing but a whole lot of waiting around on Saturday morning. I haven’t had the time to change my driver’s license since we got married. The DMV’s hours are not super conducive to my work schedule. But I registered for the marathon with my married name, so I figured I should have some documentation to match. Three hours later, I was a new woman or something.

Sunday’s 12 miler was my last long run over 10 miles before race day. Keeping with the theme of the week, my whole body just felt tired. Also, it was a little hot for me (about 60 degrees). Still, I’m really loving these long runs. I feel like they really anchor my weekends, and I look forward to them all week. Sure they stress me out, but once I’m out there, I usually don’t want to stop.

M- foam roll
Tu- 5 miles
W- roll / 8 miles/ roll
Th- 2.67 guilt free miles
F- Shakin’ it off
Sa- 3 hours of butt in chair at the DMV
Su- 12 miles

Total miles: 27.67
Total so far: 390.78


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