About Me

Hi! I’m Kate.


I’m a 27 year old from Jersey living in the ‘burbs and running a small petting zoo out of my home (kidding because none of my flock allows me to pet them).



I live with my wonderful husband Chris.



the love of my life


We also share our home with our temperamental cat Miles, our cat who thinks he’s a dog Moshi and our dog who looks like a cow and acts like a deer in the headlights, Layla. I adopted Miles from the Jersey City animal shelter before I met Chris, so we sort of came as a package deal, but I’m pretty sure Miles was just waiting for Chris to come along because he’s hands-down the favorite parent. Moshi found us through a friend of a friend (isn’t that how most cat stories go?) and even with his funny smell and wonky eye, you just can’t put this cat down. Layla is out most recent addition. She’s a rescue out of North Jersey, but she’s originally from a Georgia shelter. She’s clearly part cow, part mouse.



I never considered myself someone who loves to run, but I’ve been doing it long enough, I must. I’ve been running for over a decade now, and made the leap from 5 and 10ks to half marathons in 2009. I’ve run a few half marathons to date, but the Newport Liberty half in Jersey City is my go-to. I’m currently training to run the Philly marathon in November, but just typing that gives me a nerve rash.


pre-Chicago, so early


post-Rutgers, so rainy

rutgers 1

mid-Rutgers, so awkward


pre-Jersey City, so stylish

Chris has taken to my love of running, but he thinks half marathons are bad enough and full marathons are insane. I’ve also taken to his love of biking and together we’ve done some awesome bike rides.


5-borough bike tour


As for the umbrella thing, we used to live on the water, and when it rained it poured we got outrageous winds. I’ve bought and broken more umbrellas than I can count. Sometimes in life, you break your umbrella, it rains on your face and you spend the whole day with wet shoes, but before you know it, the suns comes back out. It always does.




3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. He is a babe, and a pro.

    I always buy the cheapest emergency umbrellas I can find…which means I always break mine too. Or lose it under the seat of whatever establishment I walk into. Cute blog name 🙂


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