Warm weekend and one year

It is amazing how much the weather can effect your mood. As evidenced by my last post, this winter has put us all in a dark place. Luckily, just as everyone was rapidly approaching their Shining-sequel breaking points, we were treated to a weekend of 55* weather!! It was glorious. I took no pictures because everything is still covered in gross, dirty snow, but it was lovely, trust me.

Chris and I spent a rainy Friday night indoors with Deb and Mike eating pizza and pestering a new pair of cats. It was so fun. Going out is nice, but staying in is nicer these days.

Saturday we had an appointment with the vet which got off to a rocky start when 15 minutes before our appointment, I realized we were short a cat carrier. After Moshi escaped his carrier 3 times in the car on the drive to the new house, I threw the thing out in a fit of rage convinced it would force me into buying a new one. Only I totally forgot, and Chris had to drive to the closest store and buy the only carrier they stocked, which is, of course, a crappier version of the one we threw out.

The appointment was tough because I feel so guilty stuffing the cats into their carriers. Miles hates it and freaks out and ended up ripping up two toenails which left him with bloody feet. Heartbreaking. The vet was as confused as I was as to why a rescue group would require indoor cats to receive booster shots, but he gave them some anyway, and we all headed home only slightly worse for the wear.

With two very drowsy cats intent on sleeping the day away, we shirked all our responsibilities again and just walked. We meant to run but everyone in Cranford was out enjoying that strange yellow orb in the sky (the likes of which we haven’t seen since November). Between the snow piles and puddles, everyone had to pass single file, and running was out of the question. So we walked. We walked all over the park and into town for some lunch. It was so nice.

We’ve been having some doubts as to whether buying our house was the right choice, and being stuck inside said house certainly does not help, so a day outside in a town which we do truly enjoy was a little boost. We’ve been having some serious conversations about the house. It was scary at first to admit all our doubts to each other, but if feels so good to be back on the same page after spending weeks putting on a brave face for each other. We have some decisions to make, but we’re gonna try and take our time this go around.

Saturday night was more fun times with Steve and Lindsey and so much delicious Mexican food! It was great to just get out and have fun this weekend.

Sunday morning I had Laura’s bridal shower in Pennsylvania. Steph was kind enough to keep my company on the 1.5 hour drive. The shower was beautiful, but a slideshow from days of yore treated me to some pictures (and videos) from Chris Pre-K (pre-Kate that is) days which was pretty hard for me to stomach. Let’s just say that Facebook stalking your beloved’s ex is a very different animal from being treated to a live action depiction of their happiest moments. But I didn’t throw up or cry (until I got home), so we’ll call it a toss.

We finally cashed in my Christmas present to Chris by going to see Bill Burr at NJPAC. It was not what I was expecting (probably I wasn’t in a laughing mood after that morning), but he was good for some laughs, and Chris really enjoyed it.

We came home exhausted with none of our typical weekend chores completed, but that’s the sign of a great weekend, right?

Today is our “Engagement Anniversary” meaning he asked and I said yes a year ago today! It’s not easy to stomach 26* weather when I’m dreaming of a candlelit dinner on a beautiful Jamaican beach, but there’s nowhere I’d rather be right now. I remember when we picked a wedding date, and I thought 17 months seemed like forever to be engaged, but this last year has flown! It’s been fun and exhausting and wonderful. We’ve challenged ourselves and our relationship and it’s been so difficult and so strengthening. I really feel closer to Chris than ever, and there’s nothing we couldn’t face together. We’ve become more honest, more connected, more independent and yet also more reliant on each other’s love and support. It took some tough talks and big fights to get here, but it was all worth it. I’m so ready to marry the love of my life.


Bowled over

Yuck. Sorry for that title, but really how do you preface bowling?

This weekend was practically perfect save for a lack of sleep. I met up with some girlfriends for drinks on Friday night. The best part (other than the company obviously!) was that I didn’t even have to leave town! One lives in the neighboring town and the other is a native Cranfordian. Considering we met in college, I sorta love that we ended up living just blocks away from each other. Way to be, Union County!

It turns out that wine and 1/3 of a plate of nachos do not make for lasting energy, and my own raging hunger woke me up at 7:30. This is why I will never understand people who can skip meals. After feeding my face, Chris and I headed to Freehold to meet up with a potential florist. We loved all the guys there and are almost positive they’re the ones. We’re visiting another company next weekend just to compare. I never thought I’d be this excited about flowers, but I really am.

We spent the rest of our rainy (but much warmer!) Saturday shopping for some house stuff. Taking down that Christmas tree made everything feel so empty that we decided to bite the bullet and just pick up a few pieces for our dining room. I mean the table and chairs were free, so we felt ok showing the room a little love. I’ve been covering a rug for that room for months, but was really hoping to find a 7×9 for around $100. After scouring the Internet, a million home stores and a thrift store, I realized that was a bit unrealistic and went for the most affordable option I could find.


cat toy squirrel is old; rug and potted trees are new

I’m already in love.

Back story: Around the end of November, Chris and I jointly came up with 5 date night ideas then individually wrote out 5 more each. We threw them all in a jar and now we take turns picking at random when we have some free time. I’ll admit that I thought this idea would be a little silly or might not gain traction, but it has been SO FUN! We’ve done four so far, and I’ll probably link to all the dates once we’ve exhausted our pile!

Our fourth date was bowling! It was Chris’ idea, and I loved it! We grabbed some delicious burgers beforehand since I had literally dreamt about burgers two nights last week.


just look at that greasy deliciousness

Our first bowling alley was a total bust as they didn’t open to the public (ie not a private party) until 11:15. Sorry but I’m too old to be starting my night at 11. Luckily, the next option was still pretty close and ended up being a really fun place with lasers! And beer!





Don’t let those stellar scores fool ya. That was by far the best game I played. I am the world’s most inconsistent bowler. After rolling two strikes at the end if game one, I went out to get 6 (!!) gutter-balls in a row! That’s three straight turns with no pins down. I scored a 33 for the game. I wish I could say I took it in stride, but I don’t like sucking at things, so after failing to break 50 twice, I was sort of over bowling.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a great night and an awesome date idea, but I think next time might involve more beers and less games.

Snow days

Oh man. This really is just the most wonderful time of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of stress rushing around and trying to get everything done in time for the big day. I’m currently writing this on my way to work after a whopping 4.5 hours of sleep. Yeah. Still, I’m having a blast. Here’s what’s been up.




Snow! We’ve gotten two snow storms already, so I think we’re in for it this winter (although we did have record breaking heat in NJ yesterday (75* in NJ! In December! Kids in shorts! 3 days before Christmas! What are we? Southern California?) so what do I know?). Crazily, I didn’t hate the snow. I may have even called it “beautiful.” That’s astonishing coming from me because I usually cannot stand snow. It’s especially odd considering I had to shovel it for the first time in many years. Maybe it’s the burbs?

Maybe it’s the dates? I tend to turn into a bit of a hermit in the cold weather months, so in an effort to resist going underground until April, Chris and I both brainstormed a mess of date ideas. We came up with some together and thought up the rest on our own. We’ve been picking them at (semi) random, and it’s been a really fun way of avoiding the whole, “What do you want to do? I don’t know. What do you want to do?” thing.

Our first date (hehe) was at this slamming pizza place (Star Tavern) I used to go to as a kid. It was just as great as I remembered.


Our next date was a walk around town admiring the Christmas lights and snow sculptures with spiked hot cocoa in hand. It ended up being the first of the unseasonably warm days, so it was nice out but there was still lots of snow on the ground to admire.



This one was my date idea, and I’ll admit I was nervous if it would come together, but we ended up having an absolute blast. Definitely a new tradition.

Speaking of traditions, we attended our third annual Carol Sing at the beautiful Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark. I can’t even express how wonderful and awesome (in the truest meanings of those overused (by me) words) it is. It absolutely just fills my heart and soul with the Christmas spirit. Love.



I also got to celebrate Christmas a little early this week. Chris got me tickets to see the Nutcracker at the State Theater in New Brunswick.


Gosh are they talented. The dancers, the musicians, everyone! It was such a fun show, and a perfect night. I love experience gifts. As an adult, I feel like I buy most of what I need throughout the year, but I love receiving gifts of things I wouldn’t normally do without someone else suggesting it. So fun.

Oh and side note: the theater was right across the street from our wedding venue. Guess what I learned Saturday… Wedding fever? I have that. Like whoa. It came out of nowhere, but I cannot stop thinking about July 12. SO CLOSE!

So that’s been on the horizon. It’s two days for Christmas, and I’m feeling very merry. Can’t wait for the big man to arrive!


That’s right. In Cranford, Santa gets a police escort. He’s kinda a big deal.

Catch up

Long time no blog. As usual, my winter hibernation turned into a holiday frenzy of sorts and things got BUSY. Actually, I don’t really mind at all. It’s cliché, but the holidays do only come around once a year, and once they’re gone and the twinkly lights are taken down and the First Snow! was 5 snows ago, it’s just winter in NJ for another three months, so yeah, I’m taking them in. Still, there’s been some fun stuff going on, and I’d hate to go so long that I forget to write about it, so here goes.

Last weekend was a blast and half. It was packed pretty much to the gills, but it was worth it. Friday night, I hustled home from work and Chris and I hit up the store for some party snacks and firewood (!!) to prepare for our first Game Night!! Debbie, Mike and Umair sailed up from JC in a practical monsoon to game it up with us. We were super excited to light our first fire in our newly approved fireplace, and it was definitely amazing. It felt so homey to have a fire blazing away. It’s true, I bristle at the suburbs sometimes, but Friday night was not one of those times. Anyway, we snacked and played Rummy and ordered some pizzas and played Spades and drank and watched YouTube videos. It was so low key and easy, and it was just so much fun! We were sorry to have to say goodbye even though it was past midnight by the time we wrapped up!




Saturday started with a little yoga for me and a run for Chris. Then, the two of us decided to make the mile walk into town for bagels and a little local shopping. Since I haven’t been running lately, all our workouts have been done separately, and I was actually really missing spending that time with Chris. It’s harder for me to focus solely on him when we’re home because I’m always multitasking. It’s terrible, I know, but I can’t help it. Running together allowed me to listen completely, and he’s a pretty cool guy to listen to, so I was really missing that. Our walk was great. We broke out the SLR and took a bunch of pictures (coming soon!) all over town. We found a house I absolutely need to own. Think I can convince Chris we need to upsize to a $1.1 million dollar place? The weather was chilly but sunny, and we actually patronized two new to us stores- an organic health food store (!!) and a little gift shop. Love supporting those small businesses.

Saturday night we had to make a quick trip to the store to pick up some toys to donate for Sunday’s Big Chill then we made the not so long trip three houses over for our neighborhood Christmas party. Chris and I decided in advance that we would stay for 1 hour if it was just ok and 2 hours if it was better than expected. We ended up staying almost 5 hours!! Our neighbors are so wonderful. Seriously, we lucked out. They were all just so kind and funny and warm. They were so interested in getting to know us and kept offering to help us out anytime we needed it anyway they could. We’ve got a seriously impressive block to live up to.

Sunday morning we were up way too early to head to Rutgers for The Big Chill. It’s a 5k that I did 2 or 3 times before Chris and I started dating, but the two years since, I’ve had to bow out (once for an IT band injury, once for a CIA prep class). There was no way I was missing it our third year. That was a dumb decision obviously as my hamstring is still painfully sore, and the course is kind of hilly. Still, I had fun with Chris and Steve out there on the course running past all our old college haunts. It was so, so cold though. It was maybe 30* at the start, and I had a chill in my bones for hours after the race was over.

Speaking of after the race, when we finished we grabbed a bagel with Steve (Cranford bagels > New Brunswick bagels) before heading to Sunday service at church. I’ve been enjoying my RCIA journey so much. Honestly, anyone who knows me is pretty shocked to hear this as I’ve never really expressed a solid interest in church or God. I’ve always had my faith, but it’s been a very private thing for me. This experience has been remarkable. The community has been so welcoming and enlightening, and I really do feel like I’m growing by leaps and bounds throughout this process.

I’m so glad I decided to do it at this season in my life too. I’ll probably write more on this at a later time, but I was struggling to get my mindset in the right place to get married. I’ve never doubted that I wanted to marry Chris (that part was easy!), but marriage and I have a complicated history, and I had such a difficult time putting those emotions to the side and enjoying our engagement. I also found myself frustrated that marriage seems to take a huge backseat to the wedding when you’re engaged. The party seemed like the main event, the marriage an afterthought. Obviously, everyone’s feelings and thoughts on this subject are so varied, but that was where I stood. Since making the decision to get married in the church and complete the RCIA process, I feel so much more centered. The marriage has taken on significance, and opening my heart to God and letting him into our marriage preparations has given me an incredible amount of peace and allowed me to truly enjoy this process. Ok. Onwards.

We ordered our Save the Dates!! Our engagement pictures came in a few weeks ago, and I finally go around to picking a photo and design I like. I just approved the proofs and literally cannot wait to have them in my hands! They are the first official thing to have our wedding date on them, and it’s made it 525% more real to see the date in (digital) ink. Don’t even get me started on the fact that in less than a month I can go from saying “We’re getting married next year” to “We’re getting married this July!” Holy cow!

As mentioned above, I’m still not running regularly. Nothing has changed with is both good and bad. My hamstring hardly ever bothers me when I’m not running (unless I’m walking on a steep incline or decline), and when I’m running, it’s not excruciating. It’s just there. It’s tight and sore, and I can’t not feel it. Rest (though I haven’t rested an entire week yet) has not helped. I need to be better about foam rolling and stretching, and I’m hoping real rest will help. The 5k on Sunday was really my last run for a while because I so want to be in shape come spring. Between the weather and the stress that’s sure to accompany wedding planning, I’m definitely going to want to run pain free!

Finally (as this is quite long enough) I bought my first two Christmas presents on Sunday, and I’m so excited about them! I haven’t felt this good about giving a gift in a while, and I think they’re both going to be big hits. I cannot wait for Christmas to hurry up and get here!

Edited to Add: Literally no sooner did I finish typing up this post than I got an email that totally torpedoed one of my plans. Now, I’m scrambling to figure out what to do. I have to be cryptic, but I will definitely share this story later. Blah. Should have knocked on wood.

I love this bathroom.

File that under things I never thought I’d say when we moved into this house. I hinted at this project last weekend when I mentioned that Chris and I embarked on what we thought would be an easy project but actually turned out to be one of our bigger ones.

After I grouted the downstairs bathroom, I really felt thing the tide was turning in that room. Obviously, it’s still full of light green tile, and that’s not changing any time soon, but I was definitely hating it less. I took a look around and realized the one big thing I still hated was our huge mirrored vanity. The glass on the mirrors was beat up, and the whole thing was just too big for the room. It’s the type of vanity that really should have been set back in the wall, but it was hung directly in the wall, so it was about 3 inches too deep for that room.


It’s a small room, so it’s hard to take a great shot, but you can just see the mirrors and how they are not flush with the wall. Closer to the window, there’s a cabinet over the toilet. It actually has a lot of storage, and we weren’t using any of it, so I figured we didn’t really need the storage over the sink. We figured replacing the vanity with a sleek mirror and nice light fixture would make the room look a little more modern wouldn’t require too much work as we wouldn’t have to set it into the wall. Haha.

Well, we bought the mirror and a lighting fixture that I love at Lowes for less than $100. We came home eager to tear that vanity down and get to work. Imagine our surprise we we removed the vanity to find this…


Um. What? That would be electrical wire running from the outlet through a very shallow divot in the wall to where the lights on the vanity attached. Well, this was a problem. First, there was no way to attach the new, slimmer light fixture to the wall with all that extra wiring. Second, the new mirror would cover less wall, and that exposed wire would be pretty apparent. Messing with electrical stuff is not a generally great idea, so we called in the big guns: Dad Rappa. Luckily for us, he came up on a Sunday afternoon. Thanks Dad!

I was essentially useless at this point, but Chris and his dad got to work. The problem was that we thought that wall was drywall, but it was actually plaster over wood and lathe. Basically, the wire was run that way, because there was no room for it further in the wall. So, Chris and his dad first snipped the wires (with the power turned off, obviously) so the light fixture could sit flush on the wall. Then they used a drill to carve a deeper groove in the wall so the wire could sit further back. Finally, they measure what the new mirror would cover then began plaster over whatever wire was left exposed. The wire was in a conduit, so it was safe to plaster over. After that, it was a waiting game. Because of our walls as well as the size of the hole that needed covering, we couldn’t use quick drying spackle, so we had to wait a day in between each layer. Chris worked diligently all week applying two coats, sanding and painting the exposed areas. Finally, on Friday, we were able to hang the mirror and screw in the light bulbs. The result was amazing.



Thanks to daylight savings, I couldn’t manage to take a picture in daylight, but it looks even better. Just trust me. Once the mirror was hung and the lights were on, it really was like a different bathroom. It looks so, so nice. I can’t even get over it. The mirror matches the sink cupboards and cabinet over the toilet perfectly, and the lights are so pretty. It really does brighten my morning just to walk in there. I’m pretty proud of Chris too. He really dug in his heels and got down to business every day on this project. Each day I’d come home from work and find him already working on the bathroom. He did a great job.

It inspired me to finish up some lingering projects too. I finally finished edging the ceiling that I repainted, and I sealed the grout, which was more intensive than I expected. It’s so close to being “done” (because we’d like to replace the whole thing someday, and I’m slowly learning that house projects are never done) I just want to bust out a few more little projects. I’m planning on re-grouting the wall tiles because I obviously can’t get enough. I’m itching to re-caulk the tub and shower. The job is sloppy. It’s not just that it looks bad, I’m worried it’s not water-tight, so I’d definitely like to get to work on that. Also, there’s these metal fixture built into the tile. They’re not going anywhere until we rip out all the tile. so I first painted them white, but I don’t love it especially with all the dark, espresso wood we’ve got going on in there, so I’m thinking of spray painting them all brushed nickel to match the light switch and outlet plates we installed which I think look so nice. Once those projects are completed, we want to replace a bunch of the doors in the house, bathroom included, and I’d love to replace the tub faucet and handles. Those will probably be more intensive, expensive projects, so they’re on the B-list for now. So, there’s a lot to go, but we’ve already come so far.

Actually, the fall has been a busy season for us on the home front. We’ve completed a fair amount of projects, and I plan on posting some pictures with the updates. I don’t always have great “before” shots because we haven’t really planned all the upgrades, and it’s hard to tell what’s going to end up as a “before” but I’ll try and piece something together. Coming soon…

Children are monsters

That’s a direct Instagram quote from my friend Ashley who happens to be a teacher, so I’m inclined to believe her.

Last night was Halloween, and I was soooo excited! I wore orange and black to work and could not wait to get home and see all the kids in their cute costumes going door to door. I’ve lived either at college or in an apartment for the past 8 years (woof), so this was the first time I’d actually be getting trick or treaters. I loved Halloween as a kid, (and as a drunk college student) and we haven’t even had Halloween in NJ in two years thanks to Snowtober and Sandy. This was the year.

Being proactive, I decided it wasn’t fair to leave the really little kids out of the fun just because they go trick or treating while I’m at work. So, I filled a big serving bowl with candy and left it on the steps. Everyone laughed and said some teenager was just going to loot all the candy and take off. I, not the skeptic for the first time ever, did not believe that. I assumed I’d come home to a half empty bowl.

I came home to nothing. Those little bastards took all the candy AND THE BOWL!! Who does that?? Like I grew up in the burbs, and I’ve heard of houses that didn’t give out candy being egged, and I always thought that was so crazy, but this is worse! I did my part. I gave you candy! Why the theft kids? It’s making me wonder if Cranford is the right place to raise non-delinquent children. Seriously parents, teach your offspring some manners.

Anyway, I tried to laugh it off and get excited again. I actually was excited when we got our first pair of ‘treaters. Two very polite girls rang the door bell, said their line, took some candy, said thank you and left. Success! The doorbell rang only a few minutes later and I found myself very confused at an empty front door. Turns out these next four boys had somehow gone to our backdoor, (which is pretty tucked away) but they were also polite, and I was feeling better about the whole thing.

I waited for our next visitors. And they never came. That was it. 6 trick or treaters! 6! If Sunday mornings in our neighborhood are any indication then there are at least 548 kids on our block. Where did they all go?? I had heard a story of one woman who gave out 1500 pieces of candy a few years ago. I was bragging about how busy our house was going to be. I bought 500 pieces of candy!! I was looted about 100 and gave out 6! I have 394 pieces of candy sitting in my house!


Oh yeah. It’s the good stuff too. I didn’t just get Mike and Ike’s! So I ate a bunch of it. With a large glass of wine. Don’t worry, I made scrambled eggs too. Because I’m an adult.

I’m not lugging it to work, so I have to find some other way to dispose of all this rather than through my gullet. I’ve heard you can donate it somewhere and they will send it overseas to soldiers. I’ll definitely look into that.

Despite the meager showing, I hope the kids who went out had a blast. They certainly deserved it after the last two years were literally washes. I hope everybody stayed safe and had fun. Except for the kids who stole my bowl. I hope they got nothing but Dots.

Oh this weekend!

What a weekend. Felt like it was about a week long. I’m not complaining!

Chris came home from London on Friday bearing 40 pounds worth of chocolate. I’ll let you figure out if that’s lbs or £s. I’ll never tell. As predicted, he was petty tanked from the flying and time change, so we kept things low key and went to bed early.

Saturday morning I got a nice little fall run in and thought I was finally feeling better from my cold, but my lungs were shot for the rest of the day, so I’m thinking I wasn’t quite ready.

Finding ourselves with free time, we embarked on some house projects. Shocking, I know. Chris bought a leaf blower and went to town on the yard. He also took out the air conditioners and did a bunch of other tasks around the house.

I devoted myself entirely to the project that has been on my mind since we moved: the bathroom grout. Oh that grout. I have spent literally hours since we moved in on my hands and knees scrubbing. I used natural alternatives, caustic chemicals, toothbrushes, special grout brushes, “let it soak” and elbow grease methods, and nothing would make that floor look clean! I covet a clean bathroom, so this was absolutely soul sucking. I did a little online research and concluded that my grout was the problem. It was falling apart which made it hard to clean and kept it from ever looking nice. So, off to Home Depot I went.

With their help (they are so nice there) I got all my (minimal) supplies. I came home and watched a tutorial from my girl Martha before setting out.


The first step was to scrape out the old grout with a special hand saw. After 30 minutes of scraping and not making much progress, I realized, those tiles were not grouted at all. They were set in cement. That should be fun to remove down the line. Anyway, that at least explains most of the gross appearance. I scraped off as much as my sore wrists could bear then decided to see if I could just apply the grout over the existing cement.




some before/scraped out pics plus my little grout scraper

I had to mix my own grout because the spaces between my tiles were too small to use premixed (sanded) grout. That was probably the hardest part because that stuff gets pretty gluey pretty quickly.

The application itself was fun and actually went quickly. My only tip having now done it is to scrape off as much excess as possible while applying as that was much easier than buffing it off later.


The project didn’t take long, but it was labor intensive, and I was losing my mind at this point. Unfortunately, there’s no stopping once the grout is down, so I would probably break the room up into smaller sections next time. Anyway, my final steps were to wipe the excess grout off with a damp sponge then buff the floors with a dry rag. This process took more effort than I was expecting, but it was all finally starting to come together. When I saw the final product, I couldn’t believe it.


Maybe it doesn’t capture fully in pictures, but in person, it looks like a new floor. It is cleaner and brighter. The grout filled in a lot of the teeny cracks in broken tiles and made the whole thing look much more uniform. I know Chris will not want to read this, but it’s kinda making the icky green tile grow on me.

I was so frustrated in the middle of this project, but having seen the difference it made, I want to do more! I’m already hatching plans to regrout the wall tiles and re caulk the tub as well as do a better job on the wall paint as the last time I was just eager to be done after peeling wallpaper for hours. Maybe I need to be more realistic about the timing of these projects. And break for lunch.

Speaking of realistic, since we were feeling so inspired by the floor, Chris and I thought of what other little improvements we could do to help us really like this bathroom before we save up the funds to turn it into a bathroom we love. We came up with a great plan that we thought would totally transform the room and should have been a crazy easy fix. All I have to say is how can we possible still be this naive? I’ll save our next project for when it’s actually finished, but let’s just say things did not go as planned. Obviously.

Oh and we took engagement pictures Sunday morning. I wasn’t really into the idea of engagement pictures as I don’t really like forced photos, but our photographer threw them in for free (she’s the best!) so I figured why not? I am soooo glad we did them! It was so much fun! The weather was cold but crisp and sunny, and the park looked absolutely amazing. We had such a good time posing and laughing, and I’m excited to see how they come out.

Lots of the poses were kinda dramatic which is funny because I am so not a serious photo person, but I’m gonna trust the expert here. She posted a teaser last night, and I love how artsy it is. I just think it’s so funny that that’s actually us! We look like super heroes or something.


Too funny.