I really should have seen this coming…

I’m not new to the cat rodeo by any means. Sidenote: can you even imagine a cat rodeo? I’m dying just thinking about it. Anyway, I’ve had Miles now for almost 3 years now, so I get cats. Still, they’ve failed to crush all my optimism, but they are getting closer. The thing is, I talk a a big game about how absolutely annoying the cats are, but I really love those little jerks and will do pretty much anything to make their lives happier. I don’t admit it often because a major part of owning cats is never letting them think they’ve got the upper hand. It’s a constant battle. Anyway, I continue to strive to make their lives better, and I continue to make our lives more miserable. Let’s review:

Exhibit A: The Anxious Cat. Miles is an incredibly anxious cat. Chris seems to think there’s some link between his upbringing by me and this anxiety. I refuse to accept that. Moving forward. The “perk” of cat ownership is supposed to be that they demand less attention than dogs and therefore afford their owners more of a life. To this I say, “LOL.” Miles doesn’t like being alone. When he was little, he used to do the saddest meows outside my bedroom door when I went to sleep. I let him into my bed, and he scratched the hell out of my face. That’s the thing, Miles doesn’t like being with people either. He just likes to know that people are there, but he likes all of us to leave him alone until he’s ready to be petted. Basically, he’s a cat. Still, I felt so sad for him because he just seemed anxious and depressed any time we weren’t in the room with him.

At that point, it was either quit my job and become a stay at home cat mom or get a second cat. Chris didn’t like either option, so I waited until he went away on business and adopted a second cat. #worstroommateever. It was a brilliant plan. Miles would have a buddy so he wasn’t alone, and we wouldn’t have to worry about constantly being around him to keep him happy. False. Turns out the cat we (I) adopted, Moshi, is the world’s neediest cat. Unlike Miles, he would like to spend his entire life eating then being rocked to sleep in our arms. If he had his way, he would never set foot on the ground. He’d just be held all the time. He also adores Miles who has decided he feels mostly lukewarm about Moshi. Miles’ anxiety did get much once he got his almost-friend, but we replaced his anxiety with a cat who literally cannot stand to be more than 6 inches from our faces at any given time. Good work Kate.

Exhibit B: The beds. When Miles’ was little, I bought him three different not-cheap cat beds in the hopes that he would sleep in them and not on the couch. He hated all of them. One day I bought a not-cheap basket for our coffee table, but it was too big, so I left it out to return it, and Miles began sleeping in it and never stopped. Ok. Fine. Obviously I’m an idiot for thinking a cat would like a soft, cushy bed when he was clearly waiting for a wicker basket the entire time. Then we got Moshi, and Miles would obviously not allow him anywhere near the basket, so I thought I was being kind and smart by breaking out one of the beds that Miles did not care for so Moshi would have a place to sleep, and Miles would have his space. It was great for one day. Miles had the basket. Moshi had the bed. I had my smug satisfaction. Idiot. Once Miles realized that Moshi was enjoying the bed, in true eldest child fashion, he overthrew Moshi and reclaimed the bed. Ok. Fine. Moshi is an adaptable cat, so he just switched to the basket. That was not really ok with Miles either, so Miles proceeded to pee all over both the bed and the basket. I had to throw both out, and now both cats sleep on the couch.

That’s not the basket. I just thought that was cute.

That’s the basket, and, yes, they drag their toys in there.

Clearly, I am not a smart person. I have no idea what makes the animals happy, and all my efforts seem to make things worse. That is why I really, really should have seen this next failure coming, but as I said, the process of snuffing out my enthusiasm and optimism by the cats has been slower going than any of us would have expected.

Exhibit C: The condo. (ps I did not at all plan the A for Anxiety, B for beds, C for Condo thing, but I love it!) Most recently, I was trying to solve the problem I created in exhibits A and B. Moshi was so bored around the house. He would just wander from window to window to bowl to our laps and look at us with this face that just begged us to answer his question of, “What should I do? I’ve forgotten how to be a cat.” Everyone was getting annoyed with his pacing and wandering. Miles was starting to hide from him. We were all at the end of our ropes. Add to that the fact, that I am so sick of seeing our cute couch covered in grubby blankets to ward off the ever present cat hair from two cats who now rarely leave the safety of the couch for the cold hardwood floors. Miles had started sleeping on the radiator covers, so that problem was kind of solved, but I still felt bad for (and annoyed with) Moshi. So, I proposed to Chris that we get the cats one of those climbing towers.

Grubby blanket. Grubby cat.

He laughed and accused me of secretly loving the cats. I told him he was nuts, and I really just wanted them out of my hair. Literally. When my hair is in a pony tail hanging over the edge of the couch, Moshi mistakes it for a woodland creature and climbs my scalp Rapunzel style. It’s as enjoyable as it sounds. To put this in perspective, each time Chris and I go to Ikea I start looking for the furniture that we two income earning adults will use by finding the absolutely cheapest item in the store and maybe possibly going one level nicer. I would never dream of spending more than $75 on a piece of furniture for myself. So, obviously I needed to buy the cats a $110 “Cat Condo.” Still, it seemed like a good deal. Miles prefers to be down low and hidden and Moshi loves to climb. We bought a condo with a lower, inner tube and an upper level for lounging. What could be better?



Here’s how things played out: predictably, both cats enjoyed the box it came in vastly more than the condo. They were devastated when we threw out the box leaving them with the garbage condo. Next, Miles took over the top level of the condo, and has not moved from it in the week we’ve had it. I check every morning to make sure he’s still breathing, and the cat we rarely saw to begin with, we now never see. Moshi, who could sometimes coax a previously homeless Miles into playing is entirely banned from the condo. He’s not even allowed to step foot on the grounds, and nothing he does can convince Miles to leave his (literal) ivory tower and spend time with him. As a result, Miles is absent, Moshi is distraught, and a giant corner of our living room is occupied by a carpet covered coat rack. A carpet covered coat rack that I am forced to look at while sitting on my couch covered in shabby blankets as an aimless brown cat crawls all over me desperate for something to do and lonely. It was a great move on my part.

Probably I should just add a dog to the mix. That would fix all my existing problems and not generate any new ones at all, right?l


I love this bathroom.

File that under things I never thought I’d say when we moved into this house. I hinted at this project last weekend when I mentioned that Chris and I embarked on what we thought would be an easy project but actually turned out to be one of our bigger ones.

After I grouted the downstairs bathroom, I really felt thing the tide was turning in that room. Obviously, it’s still full of light green tile, and that’s not changing any time soon, but I was definitely hating it less. I took a look around and realized the one big thing I still hated was our huge mirrored vanity. The glass on the mirrors was beat up, and the whole thing was just too big for the room. It’s the type of vanity that really should have been set back in the wall, but it was hung directly in the wall, so it was about 3 inches too deep for that room.


It’s a small room, so it’s hard to take a great shot, but you can just see the mirrors and how they are not flush with the wall. Closer to the window, there’s a cabinet over the toilet. It actually has a lot of storage, and we weren’t using any of it, so I figured we didn’t really need the storage over the sink. We figured replacing the vanity with a sleek mirror and nice light fixture would make the room look a little more modern wouldn’t require too much work as we wouldn’t have to set it into the wall. Haha.

Well, we bought the mirror and a lighting fixture that I love at Lowes for less than $100. We came home eager to tear that vanity down and get to work. Imagine our surprise we we removed the vanity to find this…


Um. What? That would be electrical wire running from the outlet through a very shallow divot in the wall to where the lights on the vanity attached. Well, this was a problem. First, there was no way to attach the new, slimmer light fixture to the wall with all that extra wiring. Second, the new mirror would cover less wall, and that exposed wire would be pretty apparent. Messing with electrical stuff is not a generally great idea, so we called in the big guns: Dad Rappa. Luckily for us, he came up on a Sunday afternoon. Thanks Dad!

I was essentially useless at this point, but Chris and his dad got to work. The problem was that we thought that wall was drywall, but it was actually plaster over wood and lathe. Basically, the wire was run that way, because there was no room for it further in the wall. So, Chris and his dad first snipped the wires (with the power turned off, obviously) so the light fixture could sit flush on the wall. Then they used a drill to carve a deeper groove in the wall so the wire could sit further back. Finally, they measure what the new mirror would cover then began plaster over whatever wire was left exposed. The wire was in a conduit, so it was safe to plaster over. After that, it was a waiting game. Because of our walls as well as the size of the hole that needed covering, we couldn’t use quick drying spackle, so we had to wait a day in between each layer. Chris worked diligently all week applying two coats, sanding and painting the exposed areas. Finally, on Friday, we were able to hang the mirror and screw in the light bulbs. The result was amazing.



Thanks to daylight savings, I couldn’t manage to take a picture in daylight, but it looks even better. Just trust me. Once the mirror was hung and the lights were on, it really was like a different bathroom. It looks so, so nice. I can’t even get over it. The mirror matches the sink cupboards and cabinet over the toilet perfectly, and the lights are so pretty. It really does brighten my morning just to walk in there. I’m pretty proud of Chris too. He really dug in his heels and got down to business every day on this project. Each day I’d come home from work and find him already working on the bathroom. He did a great job.

It inspired me to finish up some lingering projects too. I finally finished edging the ceiling that I repainted, and I sealed the grout, which was more intensive than I expected. It’s so close to being “done” (because we’d like to replace the whole thing someday, and I’m slowly learning that house projects are never done) I just want to bust out a few more little projects. I’m planning on re-grouting the wall tiles because I obviously can’t get enough. I’m itching to re-caulk the tub and shower. The job is sloppy. It’s not just that it looks bad, I’m worried it’s not water-tight, so I’d definitely like to get to work on that. Also, there’s these metal fixture built into the tile. They’re not going anywhere until we rip out all the tile. so I first painted them white, but I don’t love it especially with all the dark, espresso wood we’ve got going on in there, so I’m thinking of spray painting them all brushed nickel to match the light switch and outlet plates we installed which I think look so nice. Once those projects are completed, we want to replace a bunch of the doors in the house, bathroom included, and I’d love to replace the tub faucet and handles. Those will probably be more intensive, expensive projects, so they’re on the B-list for now. So, there’s a lot to go, but we’ve already come so far.

Actually, the fall has been a busy season for us on the home front. We’ve completed a fair amount of projects, and I plan on posting some pictures with the updates. I don’t always have great “before” shots because we haven’t really planned all the upgrades, and it’s hard to tell what’s going to end up as a “before” but I’ll try and piece something together. Coming soon…

Oh this weekend!

What a weekend. Felt like it was about a week long. I’m not complaining!

Chris came home from London on Friday bearing 40 pounds worth of chocolate. I’ll let you figure out if that’s lbs or £s. I’ll never tell. As predicted, he was petty tanked from the flying and time change, so we kept things low key and went to bed early.

Saturday morning I got a nice little fall run in and thought I was finally feeling better from my cold, but my lungs were shot for the rest of the day, so I’m thinking I wasn’t quite ready.

Finding ourselves with free time, we embarked on some house projects. Shocking, I know. Chris bought a leaf blower and went to town on the yard. He also took out the air conditioners and did a bunch of other tasks around the house.

I devoted myself entirely to the project that has been on my mind since we moved: the bathroom grout. Oh that grout. I have spent literally hours since we moved in on my hands and knees scrubbing. I used natural alternatives, caustic chemicals, toothbrushes, special grout brushes, “let it soak” and elbow grease methods, and nothing would make that floor look clean! I covet a clean bathroom, so this was absolutely soul sucking. I did a little online research and concluded that my grout was the problem. It was falling apart which made it hard to clean and kept it from ever looking nice. So, off to Home Depot I went.

With their help (they are so nice there) I got all my (minimal) supplies. I came home and watched a tutorial from my girl Martha before setting out.


The first step was to scrape out the old grout with a special hand saw. After 30 minutes of scraping and not making much progress, I realized, those tiles were not grouted at all. They were set in cement. That should be fun to remove down the line. Anyway, that at least explains most of the gross appearance. I scraped off as much as my sore wrists could bear then decided to see if I could just apply the grout over the existing cement.




some before/scraped out pics plus my little grout scraper

I had to mix my own grout because the spaces between my tiles were too small to use premixed (sanded) grout. That was probably the hardest part because that stuff gets pretty gluey pretty quickly.

The application itself was fun and actually went quickly. My only tip having now done it is to scrape off as much excess as possible while applying as that was much easier than buffing it off later.


The project didn’t take long, but it was labor intensive, and I was losing my mind at this point. Unfortunately, there’s no stopping once the grout is down, so I would probably break the room up into smaller sections next time. Anyway, my final steps were to wipe the excess grout off with a damp sponge then buff the floors with a dry rag. This process took more effort than I was expecting, but it was all finally starting to come together. When I saw the final product, I couldn’t believe it.


Maybe it doesn’t capture fully in pictures, but in person, it looks like a new floor. It is cleaner and brighter. The grout filled in a lot of the teeny cracks in broken tiles and made the whole thing look much more uniform. I know Chris will not want to read this, but it’s kinda making the icky green tile grow on me.

I was so frustrated in the middle of this project, but having seen the difference it made, I want to do more! I’m already hatching plans to regrout the wall tiles and re caulk the tub as well as do a better job on the wall paint as the last time I was just eager to be done after peeling wallpaper for hours. Maybe I need to be more realistic about the timing of these projects. And break for lunch.

Speaking of realistic, since we were feeling so inspired by the floor, Chris and I thought of what other little improvements we could do to help us really like this bathroom before we save up the funds to turn it into a bathroom we love. We came up with a great plan that we thought would totally transform the room and should have been a crazy easy fix. All I have to say is how can we possible still be this naive? I’ll save our next project for when it’s actually finished, but let’s just say things did not go as planned. Obviously.

Oh and we took engagement pictures Sunday morning. I wasn’t really into the idea of engagement pictures as I don’t really like forced photos, but our photographer threw them in for free (she’s the best!) so I figured why not? I am soooo glad we did them! It was so much fun! The weather was cold but crisp and sunny, and the park looked absolutely amazing. We had such a good time posing and laughing, and I’m excited to see how they come out.

Lots of the poses were kinda dramatic which is funny because I am so not a serious photo person, but I’m gonna trust the expert here. She posted a teaser last night, and I love how artsy it is. I just think it’s so funny that that’s actually us! We look like super heroes or something.


Too funny.

Long weekend

What a weekend it was! It was just what I needed, and the weather was the best surprise of all. Rain was predicted all weekend, but we had nothing but blue skies and perfect fall temps.

Friday we went from work to dinner to the Biergarten in Jersey City for a little surprise party action. It was fun. Things got weird (in a good way). But if I’m being totally honest it was exhausting. Taking my turn as designated driver to the suburbs just meant those two beers I had early in the evening made me sleepy rather than energized. Turns out beer gardens are less fun sober. Oh well. I know to plan on staying over so I can party too next time.


Saturday was a near miss for a family
party as I had convinced myself it started at 2 when in fact it started at 1. Luckily, I caught my error in time and we made it out to Staten Island without problems. We were celebrating the engagement of Chris’ cousin Lauren and her fiancé Pete. They are just the most wonderful couple, and I was so glad to be toasting them. The location wasn’t too shabby either.


We got to hang out on a golf course with these breathtaking views. It was a great way to spend a fall afternoon.

We got back late and were still recovering from Friday so we opted for a movie night in. We rented the Bling Ring which was 100 minutes of Hermoine Granger changing outfits. Which is cool if that’s what you’re into.

Sunday was supposed to be the day we took our engagement photos, but we cancelled them because of the forecast. It was 70 and sunny all day. Oops. Anyway, our newfound free time turned into home project time, which is pretty common for us new homeowners. Chris’ dad and brother came up to help out with a landscaping project which had them working like dogs for hours. I have to say, it looks pretty darn good.


Monday was my day of doctor’s appointments which went fairly well. I have very low blood pressure which is funny to me because I am a salt addict. I fasted then got some bloodwork done. I went to the dentist and found out I need another root canal thanks to the softball to the face accident of 2001. Luckily it’s not urgent. The low point of the day was when I broke down crying in my doctor’s office about my stomach issues this year. It’s affected me more than I realize. My doctor was overwhelmed but sympathetic. Unfortunately he has no answers so the search continues.

I think I waited too long to eat and drink some water after my blood draw, and it took it’s toll on me. I spent most of the night feeling dizzy and woozy on the couch. Yuck. By bed time I was on the mend thank goodness.

Chris and I took the couch time as an opportunity to complete our pre-marriage survey provided by the church. It was 180 questions ranging from the thought-provoking (“Do you think the needs of children should come before the needs of the marital relationship?” – we had different thoughts on this one) to the blessedly easy (for us) (“Do you think your partner is wasteful with money?” We both disagreed). We will talk about divergent answers with the Deacon on Thursday, and I’m so glad we took this survey. It was reassuring to see how much we agree on and how much we’ve already discussed major issues. However, it also brought up disagreements we thought were dead and buried and forced us to have some uncomfortable conversations. It was not easy or fun, but it’s better than pretending issues don’t exist.

I’ve got a busy but fun week ahead, and it helps that I’m starting a day late. I’m hoping I can skip right ahead to the good stuff. Until then, it’s back to the grind.

Summer List Update

I guess, much as I hate to admit it, summer has come to a close. As always, it went by in the blink of an eye. This year was even more of a blur thanks to all the major life developments. This was truly a summer of change if there ever was one! We started the summer with a move to our new home, and I rounded out the summer by starting a new job after 4 years with my last company. It was an exciting (and, if we’re being honest, overwhelming) season of change, and I normally never love the winter, but this year, I’m really looking forward to a little hibernation.

Before I close this chapter, let’s see how I did on my summer list!

Hit the Jersey Shore!  Shamefully, I did not make it to the shore even once this summer. Truthfully, I’m not even sure how I missed this one. I think we spent the majority of our free weekends on house projects. It felt silly to spend all our money on this joint and then flee on the weekends. Still, there’s no excuse for a Jersey girl to not at least dip her toes in the Atlantic in a summer. Luckily, I did spend a lot of time on other bodies of water with our Wisconsin trip and our boat tour of the Hudson! 



Host our first guests at our new home. Success! They even had a bed! Right guys? 😉


Throw an awesome housewarming party to welcome all our friends to our new digs! Great Success! Also my “little” sister is way too tall!


Eat ice cream. Fail. I ate it maybe twice? I’m ashamed. I blame my terrible stomach.

See one big summer blockbuster in theaters. Also a fail. Chris and I actually planned a movie date, but when it rolled around there was nothing either of even sort of wanted to see. I blame Hollywood here.

Eat dinner outside at home and restaurants. We did eat outside, but we also quickly learned the mosquitoes in the burbs are not a joke. We almost got eaten alive during our dinner attempt, so we stuck to lunch outside after that.

Sleep in, then walk to town for bagels. Haha we ate a lot of bagels, but we never walked to them. We usually just drove. A mile doesn’t seem so far until you’re hungry, then the car is just too convenient.


Enjoy the heck out of our August engagement party. HUGE SUCCESS. We had the best time ever!


Finally, take advantage of our open invitation to Chris’ parents’ pool. I went, but I didn’t go in, and now, for the life of me, I can’t remember why!

Do some yoga. Yoga done! Once indoors, once outside! Success!


Finish a 10 mile long run. Oh yes. And a 12 miler. And two 13.1s and done.

Walk, run or bike NYC. Just the run. Bummer on the biking.

Set up and put our new grill to work! Huge success! Chris was a grilling machine this summer, and I loved it!


Check out some fireworks. We saw some from our backyard! That counts!

Find a local farmer’s market and take advantage of the best produce of the year. Ok, so this was a flop. The farmer’s markets around here are not great, which was really disappointing for me. Maybe next year we’ll do a CSA.

Figure out how to drive to at least 3 places in my new hometown without the GPS. I can get to Home Depot, A&P and the UPS store. It’s wild times around here.

Maybe actually finally go to that Mets game. Fail. Again.

Road trip to Wisconsin and back again! 30 hours. So much fun.


Tackle one big DIY project. You better believe it!


Canoe/Kayak down the mighty Rahway River! Sadly, this didn’t happen either. I am indeed bummed about that. There’s still time though! Maybe I’ll add this to the non-existent fall list.

So, 13 out of 20 if my math is right (and there’s a good chance it isn’t; i’m tired). Not bad. It was such a full, fun summer! We moved and made some big progress on turning our house into a home, and our new town into our neighborhood. We ran and roadtripped with friends. We celebrated our home and our engagement and certainly counted our blessings. It was wonderful and busy. I have a feeling, I’ll remember this one forever, and I’m pretty happy about that.

Like I said though, I’m looking forward to a little winter hibernation. I have a bunch more projects I’d like to tackle around the house. I’m looking forward to a break from running and a focus on other things (like getting in shape for this wedding. and sleeping. mostly sleeping). I’ve got books waiting to be finished and so much baking to do. Summer you were lovely. I’ll miss you, and I plan on spending the next 9 months resting up for the next go around.


Are you ready for another house project update? I feel like I devote so much of my free time to the house that it just deserves a little blog attention.

All things considered, we were pretty lucky when we moved into our home. The sellers modernized a lot of the space, and we were pretty happy with most of their choices. We painted a few rooms in the beginning to match our own aesthetics, but were spared some of the more dated design choices, namely wall to wall carpets and wallpaper.

We have some wallpaper in the basement, but the living spaces were mostly paint with one teeny, annoying exception. The bathroom had a wallpaper runner around the top. Now, our upstairs bathroom is amazing. It’s the most modern room in the whole house, and we hope to get the rest of the house there someday. Our downstairs bathroom is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. The sellers did some work to spruce it up, but it turns out it was down very hastily (most likely in an effort to get it on the market quickly). They reglazed the tub, but the glaze is already peeling off. Yuck. They installed one of those plastic shower inserts, but the caulking on it looks like a rushed home job, and it’s crumbling off. Double yuck. Those things are gross for sure (I should mention that these are gross to look at, but not unhygenic), but there’s not much we can do about it right now as bathroom work is pretty expensive, and we’ve got a knot to tie!

So, we’re trying to work with what we’ve got, and what we’ve got is … retro? I don’t know what it is, but I know it’s a lot of seafoam green tile. Floor and walls. There are very few colors that complement it, so I’ve gone with basic white in all my accessories, and that seems to portray the green in its best light. Unfortunately the sellers felt like lavender with a floral border was a better choice because those were the untiled portions of the walls I inherited.



Saturday, I aimed to change that. I did some googling and watched a few YouTube videos before heading out to Home Depot for some supplies.



I came back with a wallpaper scoring tool, wallpaper removal spray, TSP wall wash and a giant sponge. I already had a putty knife, drop cloth and bucket, and that was all I needed. Luckily, there wasn’t much wallpaper to contend with, so the process went pretty smoothly.

Step one was the remove everything in the bathroom and lay drop cloths all over the fixtures and floors.

Step two was to score the wallpaper all over. You can do this with a regular scoring knife, but I was scared to cut into the walls, and the tool was only $8, which I think was a good buy.

Step three was to spray the walls with the remover gel. I really went to town with this stuff. I planned on washing and painting the walls afterwards anyway, so I wasn’t worried about drips. They sold a larger bottle of the remover to be mixed with water and applied with a sponge, but I found the spray bottle to be an easier solution especially for a small space.

Step four was just to wait for 15-20 minutes while the spray did its thing.

Step five was to start peeling. I tried to pull up seams using the putty knife and my fingers and quickly learned that peeling slowly and always keeping my fingers as close to the wall as possible made for much larger strips removed at a time.


Step six was spraying the leftover glue/backing with the same remover spray and scraping away with the putty knife until the walls were mostly clean.

I should have worn gloves and a mask from the start. The wallpaper was applied very poorly, and condensation must have gotten trapped between paper and wall over the years because there was some light mold on both the paper and the walls. Yuck. Note to DIY-ers: maybe leave the bathroom wallpapering to a professional.

From there I mixed my TSP solution following the directions on the box. I accidentally inhaled some of the powder and choked for a few minutes after which I decided I should probably wear gloves to apply this stuff.  I used my new giant sponge and wiped down all the walls to remove any lingering glue, gel or mold (the box said this would clean surface mold which I believe this was). I waited until the walls were totally dry (15-20 minutes) to begin sanding.

The walls needed to be sanded because the painted parts were much thicker than the parts behind the wallpaper. I sanded until I had a fairly even surface to work on then washed the walls again with warm water. After waiting for them to fully dry again, it was time to paint.

This was a bear of a job despite its small size because there were so many nooks and crannies that I ended up painting entirely by brush rather than roller. I think the smarter thing to do would have been to remove all the fixtures, but I didn’t want to make this a huge project as its really just meant to be a temporary solution while we save up to redo the whole bathroom.

Also, it should be noted, that I made the stupid decision not to tape and to “just be careful” while painting the first coat and got paint EVERYWHERE. After a long cleanup of our nice medicine cabinets, I sucked it up and just taped like I should have from the start, and it was so much easier.

Visually, it makes a big impact for me. Everything just looks so much cleaner, and even the green looks less dated. The project was more demanding than I anticipated, but I love the end result.

photo 1

sorry for the awkward angles. it’s a small room, and the border was along the tip-top. just trust that it looks oh-so-much better 🙂

Be our guest

This weekend our new little home played host to its first house guests! Having guests meant we need to get our upstairs in order asap!


A couple of weeks ago Chris and I did the impossible. We headed to Ikea for three things and… LEFT WITH THREE THINGS (and a dark chocolate bar because… duh)!! It was incredible. Everyone was away for the 4th of July, but since we’re obviously too poor to go anywhere for a while, we found ourselves at Ikea! The place was empty, and we were too tired to look around much, so we picked a bed frame, got our materials, and got out of there!


Chris worked like a dog installing air conditioners and assembling the bed in order to transform the above into this…



It’s like a proper guest room!

This was a big deal for us coming from one bedroom apartments. It felt so cool have a designated place to house our visitors.

Donny and Amy came in on Friday and were the perfect first house guests. I hope they liked the room as much as we liked having them!!