Base Building Weeks 1 & 2

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you’re all enjoying a lovely holiday. Our weekend has been really great so far.

Friday was a date night. Chris and I planned a very exciting vacation that I’ll be sure to share soon. I cooked dinner. We watched The Help, and it was excellent. I cried.

Saturday I woke up and went on a bike ride with my Jersey City girls group in Liberty State Park.

It was hot and humid! I should have worn more sunscreen because I got a pretty nasty burn. Other than that, it was good. After our ride, Chris met up with me and we biked some more including a stop at our local farmer’s market

We made our way to lunch at a new place in Jersey City called Skylark on the Hudson. The food was good. The service was not, but, like I said, they’re pretty new, so maybe they’re still working out the kinks?

Skylark Salad, very good. Service, not so good.

Sunday we had double the BBQs, double the fun. First, we swung through our friends’ Lindsey and Steve’s for some chatting and beer drinking.

Then we headed up the road to Chris’ family’s houe for a never ending meal. It was so delicious. We left early because, this morning, we had a race! We ran the Memorial Day 4 Miler in Staten Island with Chris’ cousin and her boyfriend. I’ll do a super short recap tomorrow, but it was fun and incredibly hot.

I’d thought I’d check in with a review of how my base building is going so far. We’re 1/3 of the way through at this point, and I have to say, I’m really liking it.

As a reminder, this was the proposed plan

And this is how it’s been going so far:

Week 1

  • estimated distance: 15 miles
  • Monday- Strength Trained
  • Tuesday- Ran 35 minutes for 3.25 miles
  • Wednesday- Strength Trained
  • Thursday- Ran 45 minutes for 4.1 miles
  • Friday- Ran 35 minutes for 3.25 miles
  • Saturday- Walked 5 miles
  • Sunday- Ran 60 minutes for 5.5 miles
  • actual distance- 16.1 miles

Not too shabby.  I was actually surprised by how I was able to fit it all in. My strength training routine takes about 35 minutes and doesn’t get me nearly as sweaty as a run in this humidity so I was able to squeeze it in at times where a run definitely wouldn’t be possible.

Week 2

  • estimated distance: 18 miles
  • Monday- Rest, glorious rest
  • Tuesday- Ran 35 minutes for 3.3 miles
  • Wednesday- Strength Trained
  • Thursday- Ran 45 minutes for 4 miles
  • Friday- Ran 35 minutes for 3.3 miles
  • Saturday- Bike 17 miles
  • Sunday- Ran 60 minutes for 5.45 miles
  • actual distance 16.05 miles

The humidity just killed me this week. I started out strong sticking to the schedule on Tuesday and Thursday, but Friday’s run was brutal. Every step just seemed so much harder than it should have been, so we made the decision to cut it short. As for yesterday, we were a little tight on time with all the BBQs coming up and a bit nervous about the 4 mile race today, so we capped our run at 60 minutes, and I was struggling again, so that was fine with me.

Truthfully, I’m a little nervous about how all these runs are going. I’ve been running really consistently since the half marathon in April, but I’ve been struggling on 3 out of every 4 runs, and my pace is significantly slower than it was during training. I know I’m not actively training for anything right now, so I’m making a conscious effort not to put too much weight on forward progress, and I’m hoping that much of this has to do with the rapid rise in temperature over the past few weeks, but I’d be lying if I said I weren’t nervous and frustrated quite often after runs these days.

I also made a decision regarding strength training. Until I get to a place where I can learn better form, I am currently only doing the following exercises:

  • Bicep Curls 5 lbs, 15 reps
  • Tricep Kickbacks, 5 lbs, 15 reps
  • Rows, 5 lbs, 15 reps
  • Plank, 30 seconds,
  • Hip Raises, 15 reps
  • Bicycle Crunches 15-20
Basically, I cut out shoulders and squats. When I would do side raises for my shoulders, I’d find myself with these whomping neck pains and headaches that I can only assume are due to improper form. With squats, I was feeling a lot of pain on the outside of my knees, so I know my form is garbage there.  I hate lifting and truly only do it because I believe it makes me a stronger runner, but the second it threatens to derail any part of my runs, I drop in like a bad habit. I know I can do the above moves correctly and basically pain free (other than standard sore muscles), so in an effort to not totally abandon strength training, I’m sticking to that.
I do love the no pressure style of running for time rather than distance. On days when I’m feeling worn out I can tell myself, “just get up and move for 35 minutes” and it’s so much easier to face than thinking of trying to hit 3 or 4 miles. On days when I’m feeling great, I love to see how far I can go in 35 minutes.
I was afraid this approach would make it difficult to gauge fitness levels too, but I’ve notice that we’re getting farther and farther in our allotted time. It’s funny, I probably wouldn’t notice minute decreases in pace, but those tiny increases in mileage run make me so happy.
Overall, I really like this strategy. It doesn’t have any of the pressure of a training plan, which is important because I don’t want to feel like I’m training all year round, but it gives me the structure that I crave. I dig.
Wow. That was a long progress report. Sorry for that.
On to this week’s sweats and eats. We’ve got some travel for a wedding coming up, so things are a bit wonky this week.
  • Monday- 4 mile race
  • Tuesday- rest day
  • Wednesday- run 55 minutes
  • Thursday- run 35 minutes
  • Friday- rest day
  • Saturday- run 35-90 minutes (wide range, I know, I’m not sure how many wedding things we’ll need to do that day)
  • Sunday- rest day


  • Monday- Slow Cooker Honey Sesame Chicken (I did not make this yesterday due to the BBQs)
  • Tuesday- Pasta with Broccoli, Artichokes and Roasted Red Peppers, Salad
  • Wednesday- Leftovers
  • Thursday- Takeout
  • Friday- out
  • Saturday- out
  • Sunday- out
As I said, a bit scattered on the planning front, but I’m sure it’ll all come together somehow. Happy Memorial Day and have a great week!!

Weekend Update

I used to love that segment on SNL. I can’t remember the last time I’ve actually watched Saturday Night Live. Chances are, if I’m up for that late, it better be for something better than a comedy variety show.

If you’re at work today, I’m so sorry. I really am. I’m not. Chris and I are driving out to Lehigh in Pennsylvania to celebrate his brother’s graduation. He’s a super smarty pants who’s actually getting his masters today. So cool. Don’t be too jealous of our day of playing hooky as it’s an outdoor graduation, and the forecast for today is garbage. Like rain and cold. So uncool. I guess I don’t really have a right to complain after this weekend’s weather, but I just did. Oh well. Let’s go back to the weekend, shall we?

Friday night was nice and relaxing. After a 35 minute run, we came back, cooked up some turkey burers on the Foreman grill and watched Tropic Thunder on TV. It was a mistake. The edited version of that movie is not nearly as good. We still got to laugh some though.

Saturday morning, after a brief pancake fail (I ran out of mix and attempted to make pancakes using only protein powder, oats, an egg and milk- they fell apart) we cleaned up around the house, and I went to town on my closet. It was getting dangerous in there, but it’s beautiful now. So fulfilling.

After our chores, we went walking in the city. We didn’t really have a definite plan. We just figured it had been a while since we’d explored New York City, and we wanted to walk around in the sunshine.

It was a gorgeous day that probably topped out at 80 degrees. We were both actually a little overdressed as we’re not used to such nice weather yet! We decided to explore the Lower East Side a little bit, and stumbled upon a street fair.

Turns out it was Ukraine Day! We bought a lemonade and walked around until about noon when we started getting hungry Luckily, we were pretty close to a favorite of ours, Yuca Bar . They had a great brunch special, $16 for food plus a mimosa or bloody mary. We’d had our eggs for the day for breakfast, so we opted for tapas for lunch.

Chips & Guac & Pico plus Coconut Shrimp and Fried Plantains. It was all crazy good. We left full and ready to conquer our city walk.

We wandered over to Tompkin Square Park, which is, in my opinion, the weirdest NYC park. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

The park was full of people in a variety of matching outfits. We had seen some street closures on the walk over, so we figured something was up.

Turns out we were right, and there was a giant dance party going on! We watched for a bit before moving on.

And wandering into a little flea market.

Don’t get too excited. We didn’t come back with any OMG amazeballs finds. It kinda sucked. It was mostly broken electronics and old VHS tapes

Always costume jewelry. Plus, there were a lot of single shoes. Like shoes without a match. Who buys those? The only things I could think of were hipsters who want to wear mismatched shoes or people with only one foot. Any other guesses?

We walked on and on and on to Union Square, also weird, but less so, and into the farmer’s market.

Much more my scene. From there, we walked up to 5th ave and did some clothes shopping We visited H&M, J Crew and Gap. H&M had a few cute things, but the lines were crazy long. Chris and I both had a lot of finds at J Crew. So many pastels and neons. I was in love.

I jumped on the spring mint colored clothing trend with these shorts, and they’re so cute and comfortable that I want a pair in every single color. Totally do-able. I just can’t eat next month. No biggie.

Gap was sort of a bust. I feel like all Gap makes are jeans and tee shirts (as opposed to work friendly options) now. That bums me out because I really liked their work clothes.

After our shopping, we walked all the way back downtown to the World Trade Center, swung through Starbucks, and hopped the PATH back to Jersey.

All the walking (Chris figures about 5 miles!!) left us both exhausted and sore, so we spent the rest of the night on the couch watching I Love You, Man. In case you’re wondering, it’s still hilarious.

Yesterday was another beautiful day, and we took advantage of it with an hour long run plus a little bike ride later in the day. The run was rough on me. My right hamstring was so sore from all the walking in not so great shoes Saturday, and it was warm. Even though it was still fairly early (10:30) it was hot (probably 75) and very sunny. We covered 5.5 miles, and I felt like I never found my stride. You know those runs. They’re not so fun. I felt pretty crummy towards the end of it, but I just tried to tell myself that some days are good and some are not so good. This was a not so good one, and I’m moving on.

I hope the rest of your Monday flies by (unless you’re doing something fun of course). I’m off to test out my new rain boots 🙂

Some eats for the week:

Some sweats:

  • Monday- Rest Day
  • Tuesday- 35 minute run
  • Wednesday- strength training
  • Thursday- 45 minute run
  • Friday- 35 minute run
  • Saturday- 60 minute run
  • Sunday- Rest Day

Weekend Fun

Welp, we made it through Monday. Let’s all pat ourselves on the back. Go ahead. Great, now I’m actually going to backtrack a bit and recap the weekend. Since Chris’ birthday was on Tuesday, we did some serious celebrating this weekend.

On my way home, I swung through our neighborhood candy store, How Sweet It Is (yes we have a neighborhood candy store; it’s adorable) to pick up a dozen cupcakes

I got two of everything which included chocolate with chocolate frosting, pink lemonade, vanilla with raspberry frosting, banana bread, apple cobbler and, my personal favorite, red velvet. None of them were gluten free, but I had a few bites anyway. Those were for later though, we had to party first.

After cleaning the house and myself, everyone came over for some drink and apps

Laura & Travis

Jimi & Val – obviously very busy here

Chips & Salsa and White & Red Wine

After our whole crew arrived, we walked over to another neighborhood favorite, John’s Pizza, and like always, it was wonderful. Chris’ friends kindly asked for the girliest drink on the menu to be delivered to him, so he started the dinner off with a pear-tini. It was crazy strong. Not a girly drink if you ask me, but it was sort of pink.

After being way too loud and silly for a few hours, we trekked back to the apartment for some talks and laughs before everyone headed home for the night.

Well, almost everyone. Travis and Laura stayed the night because they live too far away. They slept on the couch. Travis likes cats; Laura hates them. Who do you think Miles cuddled with? Yep, he slept on Laura’s stomach all night long. Cats just know who to pick on, don’t they?

They left pretty early the next morning because Laura had work (what a trouper!), so when we woke up a few hours later to the best weather we’ve had in months, we had to capitalize on it! Neither of us was up for a run, so we opted to take the bikes out to Liberty State Park and then along the waterfront on our way to get some lunch in Hoboken.

On our way to Hoboken, we passed a new park that’s been under construction for  a few months, but, I guess is finally finished, and it was impressive! There was a cute playground and this awesome faux beach set up with real sand. It was packed too! I guess they picked a good spot.

Right across from the park were my arch enemies, the geese, but they got a free pass from my loathing because they had their adorable little goose nugget of a baby with them. After some polite gawking, we said goodbye to the geese and moseyed on to Hoboken because we were getting HANGRY!

We biked over to this delicious Italian deli, Vito’s, with outside seating and fed our faces. I had a huge Italian salad with lettuce, roasted peppers, sun dried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, grilled chicken and balsamic vinegar.

It was so good. I wanted to eat more, but I knew we had a long bike ride home, so I quit while I was ahead.

We came back and rested for a while before driving down to central Jersey to meet up with Chris’ family at a steakhouse for some more celebrations. I really thought I would order a steak, but, when I looked at the menu, all I could think of was this

I’m a tortured psuedo-vegetarian, so I stuck with red snapper. It was still amazingly delicious. We headed back to the house for coffee, dessert and birthday cake, watched a little Goodfellas and left around midnight. It was a long night, but I think everybody had a  lot of fun.

We took our time getting up on Sunday, and I called my wonderful Mama to say Happy Mudders Day. She and my littlest sister were opening gifts over breakfast together, and I wished so badly, I could have been there with them celebrating too, but I was glad I got to talk to them. It looks like I’ll be able to see them in June again, so that would be awesome! Fingers crossed.

After getting up and getting ready, we started on the final birthday week surprise, which was my picnic for Chris. We hopped on our bikes again, this time outfitted with a backpack for a blanket and Chris’ DSLR and headed to a little sandwich called Park and Sixth shop to pick up our foods.

The only picnic-sized blanket we have is “The Bella Blanket”, so named because it looks like Chris’ family’s dog, Bella, we love it, but we had to laugh when we saw it spread out on the lawn. We felt like dorks, but we were hungry dorks, so we settled in and got started on lunch.

Another awesome salad with a less than savory name, The Garbage Salad, but garbage it was not. It was spinach and tons of roasted veggies with a huge piece of roasted salmon. On the side, we each devoured a bag of sweet potatoes fries that were totally greasy and salty and delicious.

After our picnic, I moved my pale self into the shade because I don’t mess around with the sun, and worked on finishing The Help while Chris took a million pictures of the skyline. I was so thankful for the beautiful clear skies.

Too pale for the sun.

My shot

His beautiful shots (they look even better on my computer, but I had to knock down the resolution to get them here)

Chris is getting so good with that camera, so it was fun to watch him work, and I’m really impressed with how the pictures came out. He said he had a great time, and I honestly did too.

After our photo sesh, we hopped back on our bikes for a little bit before heading home and collapsing. It was a fun but loooooong weekend. I’m glad I got to celebrate Chris, who is constantly doing so much for others, but by the end of the weekend, we were both exhausted. We spent the remainder of the evening on the couch eating and watching movies. It was a great end to a great weekend.

Alas, now it’s back to real life. Luckily yesterday was my last working Monday for three weeks (graduation, Memorial Day, wedding)! And I made it, so I’m super pleased with that. Here’s how the rest of my week looks…


  • Monday- weights & toning
  • Tuesday- bootcamp!
  • Wednesday- rest day
  • Thursday- tempo run & weights
  • Friday- easy run
  • Saturday- longer run
  • Sunday- rest day


  • Monday- shrimp and veggie stir-fry
  • Tuesday- turkey and veggie pasta
  • Wednesday- out on a friend date 🙂
  • Thursday- omelets and breakfast for dinner
  • Friday- turkey burgers
  • Saturday- salsa chicken chili
  • Sunday- chicken vesuvio

Make it a great week!

13.1 and done!

Happy Monday! I’m on cloud 9 today because we actually got to run our half marathon yesterday!!

We’d been hearing everything forecast for Sunday from rain to thunderstorms to full on floods throughout the week, so we were really worried it might not happen at all, but it did, and it was awesome!

Let’s back it up a bit first.

Friday night, Chris and I headed to Montclair which is one of our favorite Jersey towns (after JC of course). Our original plan was to head to Cuban Pete’s. The food there is absolutely slamming, but the staff is always incredibly rude. The food is so good they just don’t care at all whether you like them or not. We got there a bit late (around 8), but when they rudely informed us it’d be no less than an hour until we sat, we decided we really weren’t craving Cuban food that  bad, so we looked for other options. Enter Samba!

It was a cute place with an interesting menu, but the food was just good, not great. We started with a chicken appetizer that actually was delicious, but my entree of tilapia and shrimp came in a much too creamy sauce. The fried bananas tasted like a weird cross between bananas and mozzarella sticks. No matter, the staff was super friendly, and the atmosphere was nice, so I’d probably give it another shot.

Saturday we woke up and hit the road early to head to New Brunswick to check in at the race expo, but not before hitting  the DMV to renew my license and officially get the title for my car! I’m a car owner for a week (more on that later)! The DMV MVC (did you know it’s called that now? is that only a NJ thing?) really is getting better, but it still took almost two hours.

When we finally left, we were starving, so we made a pit stop at our favorite college spot, Sanctuary, for some lunch.

It’s a comic book/video game store plus an eatery and an ice cream shop. They do it all, and it has such a nice college-y feel, that it made me miss the good old days… for about one minute until some real life hungover, puffy-faced college kids came in, and then I remembered that I’m actually quite enjoying my mid twenties. I don’t miss the terrible eating, lack of sleep, or studying much at all.

After feeding our faces, cobb salad for me and a wrap for Chris, we headed to the Rutgers Unite Half Marathon race expo to pick up our numbers and check out the gear.

We got there towards the end, so they’re weren’t too many people wandering around, and most of the gear was gone, but the whole thing was really well run, and the volunteers were so friendly. That really helped calm our nerves and get us excited for the race.

At this point, the weather was beautiful. It was over 70 degrees and brilliantly sunny, so we were having a hard time believing these doom and gloom weather predictions, but this is NJ, and things can change in the atmosphere very rapidly, so we figured we should probably prepare for the worst.

Neither of us had so much as a rain jacket, so on our way back home, we swung through Sports Authority to get some gear. At first I was deterred by the $90 rain jackets. What am I? A Rockefeller? No, but I do know how to shop, so I wandered into the kids section and found a large child’s Columbia rain jacket for $45! Bingo! It’s still steep for a jacket, but it’s super waterproof with a very breathable lining, and I’d wear it outside of running, so I’m considering it a score

Check out that cute purple stripe and polka dot lining. I dig. I also picked up another pair of Nike Tempos because they had a purple stripe, and I just can’t help myself around that color. Chris got a rain jacket too plus his first ever pair of running shorts. Yes, he trained for a half marathon in basketball shorts. Can you believe that? I’d suggested running shorts before, but you know that saying about leading a horse to water? Well, let’s just say, after finally running in the right shorts, Chris is a pretty devoted equine.

After scoring our loot, we headed home for our own little pasta dinner

Then, sure as sugar, the rain came down hard and fast Saturday night, and we went to bed prepared for the worst.

Sunday morning, the sky was overcast, but there was no rain! We kept our fingers crossed that New Brunswick (about 45 minutes south of us) was under the same dry skies, and we were right! It was chilly, but we started the race with no rain! Of course, we didn’t need our jackets. That’s just the way that works, isn’t it?

The race was amazing! I’ll do a full review this week, but for now let me say, the course was fun, the volunteers were amazing, and it was just an all around great time.

This was Chris’ first half marathon, and I am so proud of him. He was absolutely the best race buddy I could ever ask for. He woke up in a great mood and helped me get super excited on the drive down. We had great talks and lots of laughs throughout the whole race, and even when the rain started falling (yes, it eventually came around mile 6) he never once complained. He kept a great pace with very little guidance from me, and was just so upbeat and wonderful.

When Chris decided he wanted to train for a half marathon, I was a little nervous that he was just doing it for me and, as a result, he wouldn’t be as dedicated or get as much out of it as he should, but I quickly discovered that when he does something, he goes all in. He was always such a good sport through every run. He handled an injury and recovery with loads of patience and grace. When I found out he went running in Las Vegas during a bachelor party weekend, I knew he was hooked! He poured his whole heart into this training and race, and it really showed. I didn’t think it was possible to love this man anymore, but after today, I really think I do. He’s reading about international half marathons, stretching, and marathon sniffles as I write. How cute is that?

We finished in 2:27 with huge smiles on our faces and just about as happy as we could be.

Oh and wet and gross. Very wet and gross, but with shiny new bling

Let’s go R-U!

We stuffed our faces with some of these

and lots of these

Pickles and fries. Think I was craving salt a bit?

After driving back up to Jersey City (aren’t post race drives eternal?), I showered for 6 hours, finished the first season of The Walking Dead, went grocery shopping (even I was impressed with myself on that one) and continued to eat my face off. We also had to deal with an ant infestation- not fun, but under control. Like I said, I’ll do a race review later, but for now, I’m gonna go read about running with my love.

In case you’re wondering, here’s this week’s menu:

  • Monday- Quinoa with kale and chicken sausage
  • Tueday- Spring Pea Risotto and salad
  • Wednesday- BBQ chicken and sweet potatoes
  • Thursday- chicken tenders and tomato soup
  • Friday- out for anniversary dinner!
  • Saturday & Sunday- in South Carolina! (more on that later too. it’s been an insane few weeks)

Workouts are up in the air, but I’m certain I’ll be resting today. Hope your week is wonderful!

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Weekly Prep- 4/9

Happy Monday! I hope you had a beautiful weekend. If you celebrated anything, then I hope you’re celebrations were wonderful.

We has gorgeous weather for a great weekend. We spent Friday in the city enjoying happy hour with our friends. Saturday was our 10 mile training run. The weather was pretty perfect for it, 65 and very sunny. Unfortunately, I was tragically under-hydrated, and by the end of the run I felt slightly delirious and so parched my eyeballs felt dry. I came home and drank 1.5 Gatorades and felt instantly better. Lesson learned; it’s high time to start taking these training runs very seriously and eating and drinking much more consciously.

Yesterday I woke up too early … again. I took advantage of my quiet morning time to finish the third book in the Maze Runner series, Death Cure. It was meh. I’ll do a full review on the series soon, but I wasn’t thrilled. I agree that if you liked the Hunger Games, you’ll like this series, but the Hunger Games it is not. Next on my reading list is The Night Circus, and I’m very excited. Don’t let me down.

After my reading break, the rest of the morning was a whirlwind of sorts. I discovered these treats left out by the Easter Beagle **cough cough, me**

Then, I did some baking to bring to Chris’ family’s house for Easter.

Chocolate Coconut Macaroons (which I will give you the crazy easy recipe for soon) and Whole Wheat Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip Cookies (which I over baked by accidentally setting the oven to 400 rather than 350). They were still yummy.

After baking, I made a light breakfast before beginning the fast that would last until Easter feast. I photographed Chris’ breakfast because it was prettier than mine

The weather was too nice to pass up, so we went on a super speedy (like 20 minutes) bike ride around town before coming home to shower and get ready. After getting clean and purty, it was off to Central Jerz.

Chris’ mom made all of the food with a side of everything. Seriously. There was pasta with meatballs, delicious baked pesto chicken, broccoli, bread and antipasto. So good. So full.

It almost pains me to write about any more food this week, but I know you’re waiting with baited breath to see what we’ll be eating this week (hah!), so here you go:

  • Monday- honey mustard pretzel crusted chicken tenders with roasted broccoli (this is a carryover from last week that I didn’t get a chance to make)
  • Tuesday- artichoke shrimp scampi over linguine (also a carryover)
  • Wednesday- chicken fried rice
  • Thursday- leftovers*
  • Friday- turkey veggies over rice
  • Saturday- My Birthday Dinner!
  • Sunday- Out to dinner

* After several weeks of planning 7 meals only to eat 5-6 at home, I’ve finally learned to schedule a day where we just plan on eating leftovers unless we go out. That way we don’t ever waste food which is my #1 pet peeve in the kitchen.

And here’s our workout schedule (it’s the last week of our training plan before taper!!)

  • Monday- rest day
  • Tuesday- 3 miles or bike ride and lift
  • Wednesday- 4 miles w 2x 1 mile repeats at speed pace
  • Thursday- 2 miles or bike ride and lift
  • Friday- spin bike and lift
  • Saturday- rest day
  • Sunday- Cherry Blossom 10k*

* This proves a little tricky for us. We have 11 miles on the schedule, but we’re registered for a local 10k. We’re thinking we’ll either run 5 miles on Saturday or double back and semi-repeat the 10k course on Sunday. Any suggestions?

It’s gong to be a good week folks. I feel it. It’s my last week as a 24 year old, so I’m going to be really wild and crazy. I might even stay up past 10pm one night. Probably not. Have a good one!

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Weekly Prep- 4/2

Happy Monday! Today’s a weird week for me. I have full day training at an off site location through Wednesday. This place is way far uptown from my usual office, and I suspect I’m going to get pretty sick of the extra commute pretty quickly. Luckily, it’s just three days, right?

Yesterday was a wild day that felt like one thing after another. It was productive, but I was exhausted! We did our nine mile run through Jersey City and Hoboken, and it went really well. It was our longest run of the training plan so far, and we both felt pretty good. Tired, like whole body tired, but good.

After some stretching, foam rolling and nachos (oddly, I craved nachos the entire last mile of the run) we got to work cleaning our house from top to bottom. I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with us because we got the whole thing done in under an hour. It was great.

We cleaned ourselves up then dropped Miles off at the groomer, which was an absolutely terrible and terrifying experience. They charged us a fortune, and when we got home, I saw that 3 of his 4 little teeny paws had BLOOD on them from the awful groomer cutting his nails way to short. I didn’t even ask her to touch his nails because I do that myself. He’s ok. He wasn’t acting like an animal in pain, and he let both of us touch his little feet. Plus, the vet has told me that their claws will bleed if you cut too close to the quick, and that’s ok, but she’s a professional and she should really know better. I was of a mind to drive back to the groomer and scream at her, but better senses prevailed, and I’ve decided a very strong call is in order later this afternoon. I, obviously, will not be going back there ever again, but I want the owner to know, so that that doesn’t happen to any other kitties. I cried. We’re ok though.

After that calamity (and lots of Chris calming me down) I got to work on The Pioneer Woman’s BBQ Meatballs (alt version). I replaced the oats with gluten free oats, subbed out ground beef for ground turkey, used soy milk in place of dairy milk, and rolled them in corn flour. That’s a little more well suited to this house. They were yummy and easy. I just shaped the meatballs, refrigerated them for 45 minutes, rolled them in the flour, browned all of the sides in a frying pan with olive oil and then baked them in the oven with BBQ sauce for 45 minutes.

Served up alongside some mashed sweet potatoes (that look like scrambled eggs?) for a complete (but veggie-less) meal.

They were slamming as are all PDubs recipes.

Hopefully the rest of this week will be equally delicious.


  • Monday– olive risotto
  • ingredients: kalamata olives, red wine, chicken stock, arborio rice, shallots, butter
  • Tuesday– dijon chicken with string beans
  • ingredients: dijon mustard, lemon, chicken breasts, string beans
  • Wednesday– baked tilapia with roasted brussel sprouts
  • ingredients: tilapia, brussel sprouts
  • Thursdayhoney mustard pretzel crusted chicken
  • ingredients: honey mustard pretzels, eggs, chicken, broccoli, ketchup
  • Fridayshrimp scampi with artichokes
  • ingredients: shrimp, spagetti, artichokes, white wine, butter, parsley
  • Saturday– slow cooker bbq chicken
  • chicken breasts, bbq sauce, sweet potatoes, buns
  • Sunday- Easter Dinner with familia de Chris!


  • Monday- Rest Day
  • Tuesday- 2 Easy Miles
  • Wednesday- Spin and Lift
  • Thursday– 5 Mile w/ 3 Miles @ Tempo Pace
  • Friday– 2 Easy Miles
  • Saturday- 10 Miles Long
  • Sunday– Rest Day

Nothing in the world sounds better at this moment than a 10 mile run on Saturday followed by an Easter feast on Sunday. Well, nothing except maybe this

Holy cow this is good. So much better than the raspberry flavor. I will need some of this after training for sure.


How’s your week looking?

Weekly Prep-3/25

Why hello.

Yesterday Chris and I drove to Queens for Italian Family Dinner. Dinner was delicious, and the conversation was wonderful. I honestly can’t remember all the food that was served, but I know I ate pasta (Chris’ mom brought a box of gluten-free for me because she’s such a sweetheart), salad (Italians eat it after pasta) and chicken cutlets. It was outstanding.

The drive was a nightmare! We live 13 miles from the grandparents, but driving from Jersey City through the Holland Tunnel to the Williamsburg Bridge took us 45 minutes going in and 2.5 hours leaving. New York City traffic is no joke.

I had planned to grocery shop after dinner, so even though it was already 8 (we left Queens at 5:15!) I hightailed it over to Target for the quickest shopping trip of my life. I got all the groceries needed for the week in under 30 minutes! I don’t care if no one else cares because I was wildly impressed with myself.

The difficult thing with eating dinner at 2 is that you find yourself hungry again at 9. We didn’t want a big meal since we’d just eaten our faces off, but we also didn’t think we’d be able to sleep without eating something. That’s when Chris had the brilliant idea of cereal for dinner!

Followed by some of Ben & Jerry’s new Frozen Greek Yogurt

It was ok. There were chocolate chunks in there that I could have done without. The yogurt itself was a touch too creamy for me. I was expecting more tartness like actual Greek yogurt, and it was just too sweet.

This week is a little busy. I’ve got two doctor’s appointments, and we’ve got dinner with friends on Wednesday. Last week was a recovery week on our half marathon training plan, but this week marks the return of the long run (9 miles!!), so we’ve got a lot going on. Our weekly meal plan and workout schedule are below.


  • Monday- Family Dinner leftovers with steamed green beans
  • Tuesday-Pasta Pesto w TJ’s Broccoli Slaw
  • Wednesday- Dinner Out
  • Thursday- Quinoa w Sauteed Red Peppers, Corn and Spinach
  • Friday- Citrus Marinated Baked Salmon and Roasted Broccoli
  • Saturday- Chicken Vesuvio (this was on the menu but not made last week due to the last minute family dinner)
  • Sunday- Pioneer Woman’s BBQ Meatballs with mashed sweet potatoes and roasted carrots (Chris saw these on her Food Network show on Saturday and decided they had to be consumed soon)


  • Monday- PM 2 miles easy
  • Tuesday- Rest Day
  • Wednesday- AM 2 miles easy
  • Thursday- PM 5 miles, w 3 miles @ tempo pace
  • Friday- Rest Day
  • Saturday- AM 9 miles long (our longest run yet!!)
  • Sunday- Rest Day

I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!