WIAW: Mash Up

Oh hello there. Welcome to What I Ate Wednesday: Mash Up edition.

I just realized that the title could lead you to believe that this was a post about mashed up food. Not so. Well, some of it is, but mostly I just mean that I forgot to take pictures of breakfast and lunch yesterday, so you get to see today’s breakfast and lunch and last night’s dinner, mashed up into one day. Lucky you.

Breakfast today was in two parts. At home I had a piece of Udi’s gluten free bread toasted then topped with almond butter, honey and cinnamon.

Plus a cup of coffee and a glass of wine a teeny bit of smoothie that wouldn’t fit in my travel cup.

The rest of the smoothie came to work with me today for a mid morning snack

In the mix: handful of spinach, scoop of RAW protein powder, tbsp peanut butter, 1 cup frozen mixed berries, 1 frozen banana, 1/2 cup of orange juice. I have a sore throat, and am really hoping that cool smoothie full of vitamin C kick starts my immune system.

I packed a lunch and snacks, so I can already tell you what I’ll be having when that time rolls around.

Lunch is a salad with romaine lettuce, two small granny smith apples, a big scoop of hummus and sesame ginger dressing.

Snacks will be almonds and craisins with a black cherry Chobani. My favorite snack of all time

That’s today. Let’s flash back to yesterday. After work I had a long conference call. It’s good though because now I can finally share with you the volunteer opportunity I’ve been hinting at. I think I’ll save it for May wrap up, but I’m so excited and can’t wait to finally talk about it!

After my call, Chris and I went on a 35 minute run and covered about 3.3 miles. We’re running for set periods of time rather than for distance these days, and it’s really nice to run without worrying too much over pace. We had a really interesting talk about airplanes and ashtrays and psychopaths. Yeah, we were quite tangential last night.

We came back pretty late, so I was glad that most of dinner was prepped and ready to go. It was so good you guys. So good. I made Iowa Girl Eat’s Maple Grilled Salmon on the Foreman grill, and it came out great! I followed her instructions for the salmon (which was so easy and so delicious) and the asparagus (I’d never grilled asparagus before, and it was awesome!) but I stuck to brown rice instead of cauliflower because I didn’t have any cauliflower on hand

I was really impressed with how good it looked and tasted especially given how easy it was. It took less than 5 minutes and less than 5 ingredients to make the marinade for the salmon, and it cooked up on the grill in a flash. The asparagus was so good that I’m never making it any other way again. Seriously. I’ve been converted to grilled asparagus. This meal knocked my socks off.

Tonight’s dinner will actually be out at Port O Lounge in Jersey City for my monthly book club meeting. We’re discussing Room, which I reviewed here.  It was a heavy book, so it should make for interesting conversation.

I have two athletic events on my horizons that I thought I’d share too. One is in the distant future and the other is a little closer. First, I think we’re doing a 4 mile run this weekend. I had been pondering the idea of doing the Staten Island 4 Miler, so when I heard that Chris’ cousin and her boyfriend had already signed up, we decided we’d do it for sure too. That will make for a fun Memorial Day in lieu of visiting the beach because you couldn’t pay me to drive to the Jersey shore this weekend. The Parkway is basically just a parking lot.

The next event is a bike ride proposed to me by one of my coworkers. It’s the LiveStrong Challenge Philly there’s a 5k or 10k run plus riding distances that range from 10-100 miles. Our friend Travis, who did Bike New York with us, lives outside of Philly, so I’m sure he’d be all over this. I’d like to push myself a bit and try for the intermediate distance (45-65 miles), since I currently max out at around 40, but I’m a little nervous because we’ll be right in the middle of half marathon training at that point. I have some time to think about it, but I’m sure I’ll end up wanting the challenge. I usually do. I kinda want to run the 10k too. So much to think about.

In non-running news, it’s Intern Season in the city these days, and it’s so funny seeing so many fresh, falsely confident, confused faces walking about. The name tags are usually a dead giveaway, but baby faces in brand new suits draw a lot of attention too. We have an intern coming to our group at work in a few weeks. My goal is to try to be as helpful as possible when he gets here because I definitely remember being an intern and being perpetually lost and awkward. Come to think of it, that’s not so different from how I am now. Still, the point is, being an intern is the pits. It’s totally necessary and usually a good experience at the end of the day, but it stinks, so, Interns, I feel for you. Good luck out there! And to the rest of us working for the (wo)man, Happy Hump Day! We’re halfway there!


What did you eat Wednesday?

Any upcoming races on your horizons?

Where you ever an intern? Did you like it?

– I interned for a major designer in the clothing industry for a year and a half, and I really loved it actually. I worked in the accounting department, so it wasn’t like I was dealing with high fashion, but it was really cool to learn the details of the industry. Everyone was nice and helpful and constantly busy, but I was still so awkward for so long. I don’t miss that feeling.



WIAW- 4/11

Hi there. I feel like my head is in the clouds (not the good way) lately. My brain just feels sort of fuzzy. I think it’s the end stages of half marathon training combined with the fact that I haven’t really been sleeping well lately that’s got me sort of drained. Whenever I’m feeling like this, I tend to fall back on my old buddies caffeine and sugar to keep me going. Those two sidekicks give me a quick rush followed by a rotten, not-worth-it crash, so, this time around, I’m really trying to focus on what I eat. I can’t really control my quality of sleep, but I can make sure I’m eating right. Don’t worry, there caff and sugar still made an appearance (or too) And now, here’s What I Ate Wednesday

Yesterday started with a bowl of quick oats (I forgot to make steel cut oats this weekend like I usually do, and they take too long for the morning) with Vanilla Silk and Justin’s Maple Almond Butter. That is seriously yummy stuff.

The picture doesn’t do it justice- it’s hard to make oats look pretty- but it was creamy, nutty and slightly sweet perfection. Served with a side of coffee and a candle.

At work, I decided that maybe my fuzzy head might have something to do with seasonal allergies? I haven’t been too congested, but I usually get hit pretty hard this time of year when everything is in bloom, so I picked up some non-drowsy Claritin and sucked it down with boatloads of water.

Next, I did something I hate. I drank tea.

I don’t like tea. I know this is not fashionable, but I just don’t. It leaves a funky taste on my tongue and usually upsets my stomach, but I wanted something warm and cozy and figured coffee combined with that decongestant would have me bouncing off the walls, so I bought this because it was pink. Turns out it’s green tea which is my least favorite. Fail. I added a whole bunch of agave to sweeten it up though, so it was actually ok.

Lunch was leftover grilled chicken, broccoli rabe and brown rice. There’s some veggies for you!

I know I said I was going to be good, but I did indulge a bit after lunch with the best candy known to humankind

A Cadbury Egg! I love Cadbury Eggs. I only ever eat them on Easter, but I always eat them on Easter (that makes sense in my head). This year, I didn’t have one on Sunday, so I had to eat one yesterday or else spring would never officially start. We can’t have that. It was just as delicious as I remembered.

My afternoon snack was a new to me Chobani flavor

Apple Cinnamon. I had been avoiding eating it because, for some reason, I thought I wouldn’t like it. I don’t ever put apples in my Greek yogurt, so it just seemed kind of off.I sort of really loved it. It reminded me of an old favorite snack of mine.  I used to heat up apple sauce and mix it with some cold vanilla Chobani. It was delicious. I should start doing that again.

After work, I headed out on a 3 mile run with a friend who is much faster than me. I was late, so I was already sort of running as fast as I could go to get to our meeting point, and things didn’t get much easier. She kept pushing the pace under 8 minute miles. I kept dragging it back down to 9s. It felt like spring intervals. Eventually, we settled on 8:30s. It was the hardest run I’ve done in a while. Once we parted ways, I slowed my roll and made it home just before collapsing into a puddle. It was intense, but fun to catch up (though I barely talked as I was busy trying not to die). Chris did 3 miles on his own. I’m proud of him for getting out there by himself, but jealous I missed a run with him. He’s just my all-time favorite running buddy.

Dinner was made in a hurry because I was starving! Luckily, it came together pretty easily. I made a first attempt at Chicken Fried Rice with brown rice, and all that salty goodness totally hit the spot!

The ingredients! Looks like a lot, but it wasn’t so bad. Here’s how it all came together:

  • Prior to my run, I made 2 cups of instant brown rice then let it sit. I’ve heard it’s best to do this the night before, so the rice is extra dry, but this turned out fine.
  • In one pan, I sautéed 2 cubed chicken breasts until they were fully cooked.
  • In a separate (very large) pan I sautéed 1 chopped red pepper, 1/2 bag of carrot chips, and 1 bag of snap peas in a teaspoon of olive oil until the veggies began getting soft.
  • Next, I added in the cooke rice and tried not to move it around too much, allowing the rice to brown up. After about 4 minutes, I moved the rice and veggies over to one half of the pan. In the other half, I cracked and scrambled 2 eggs.
  • When the eggs began to set up, I mixed them in the rice then added the cooked chicken along with 4 chopped scallions, 2 tablespoons of low sodium soy sauce and 1 tablespoon of chopped garlic.
  • I let all those flavors simmer for about 5 minutes then served

Yum. Tasty, salty, full of protein and packed with veggies. It was delicious.

And now, here we are, halfway through the week. I’ve got a few more meetings and other not so fun things until my birthday weekend, but you better believe in my head, I’m already there!


What are you go-to feel better foods when you’re not feeling so hot?

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WIAW- 4/4

I always start with a “hello” but today I’m starting with a fun fact that Chris taught me yesterday. It’s related to my post on cities (kinda). Did you know that if the entire population of the world lived in the same density as those living in Manhattan, all of us (the whole world!) would fit in Texas?? How cool is that? I like it very much.

Today is my grandpa’s 75th birthday! Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!

Isn’t he the handsomest?

Today is also my last day of work training! I’m pretty thrilled about that. It’s been fun, but (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) I’m ready to go back to the office. The good news is, when I get back tomorrow, it’s only 2 days to the weekend!

The other good news is that, with training, my eats are actually a little different than they normally look on Wednesday, and that’s good for you too!

Breakfast was steel cut oats with protein powder and peanut butter

alongside coffee with soy milk

I was looking for a breakfast with staying power to hold me over through a morning full of learning, and this one did the trick! I also had about 15 unpictured cups of coffee at training because it was free, and the room was freezing. In case you’re wondering, 15 cups of coffee is 14 cups too many for me, so I’ll be up until next Wednesday.

When lunch finally arrived, I headed over to the Rockefeller Center concourse (I did not even know this existed until Monday), which has a billion food options and went with Just Salads. I just love Just Salads

The Hudson Valley Mix is my favorite. It’s got 47 ingredients, so I’m sure I’ll forget some, but I’m pretty sure it’s spinach, kale, goat cheese, beets, pumpkin seeds, broccoli, pears and I swapped out croutons for craisins. Topped with raspberry vinaigrette (that can’t possibly be how you spell that word), and you better believe I finished that bad boy. As for the Diet Snapple, I know. I can feel the holes forming in my brain already, but caffeination was the name of the game yesterday. It was the only way.

Back at training, there were plenty of snacks but they were all gluten filled so I stuck to chai tea with milk and sugar.

I came home hungry and knew we had some sort of workout ahead of us, so I made a little snack of

sliced apple with cinnamon and peanut butter. And, no, your eyes don’t deceive you; I had cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter twice yesterday; it’s that good.

We had a run on the schedule yesterday, but it was only 2 miles and the weather was nice, so we opted for a bike ride instead. I’m very glad we did because our bike path is a different route from our running loop, and if we hadn’t ridden bikes, I might never have seen this

A swan! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a swan in real life before, but I’ve always thought they were one of the most beautiful animals in the world.

When I saw this guy, I immediately stopped our bike ride to just stare at him, and guess what…

He came right up to me. He really was beautiful. I wanted to take him home and make him our pet so bad, but Chris reminded me that the bathtub can barely drain as it is with all my hair (let alone feathers), and besides, where would we put him when we needed to shower? Rational people: necessary, but frustrating.

After I finished moping about a lost pet opportunity and peeled myself away from the swan, we rode around town for probably 7 miles. It was great to get out and do something after sitting in class all day.

Dinner was served immediately after arriving home and was a favorite of ours around here

Chicken in a lemon dijon sauce over brown rice with garlicky green beans. It looks sort of bland, but if you like mustard, you gotta try this. It’s easy; I cut two chicken breasts into cubes and seasoned them with salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. I seared both sides of the cubes in a non stick pan over medium heat. Then, I turned the heat down to med-low and added about 4 tablespoons of creamy dijon mustard and the juice of one lemon. I stirred in about a teaspoon of xanthan gum just to thicken it a bit, but you could use flour for this purpose too. Then, I cooked it until the chicken was done (about 7 minutes) and served over the rice. The beans were steamed then dressed with a little olive oil, chopped garlic, salt, pepper and lemon juice. It was pretty wonderful.

I’m sure I had a snack yesterday, but as of press time (aka when I wrote this last night), I could not decide what it was going to be. I know, I know, the anticipation is killing you. Until next time, Happy WIAW!


If space, domestication issues and local rules and regulations were not a factor, what kind of animals would you keep as pets?

I gotta go swan, red panda, elephant and most definitely pig. Pigs don’t even count though because I will have a pig someday. Rules and regulations? Psssh.

WIAW- 3/28

Good morning! Unlike yesterday, I popped out of bed this morning when my 5:30 alarm went off and dragged my butt to the gym for a 2 mile run plus a 30 minute full body toning sesh, and it was goooood. It really is true what they say, you never regret a workout. I spent the better part of yesterday sort of disappointed that I didn’t get up when my alarm went off, but I think I needed the sleep, and I’m glad I went today.

Maybe the reason that I had a little extra pep in my step today was because yesterday I finally used the Living Social voucher that had been languishing in my inbox forever. The voucher was for a nutrition consultation, chiropractic examination and full body massage. How did I not get around to using this sooner?? It was in New Jersey, but it was sort of a pain to get there. The drive took about twice as long as I’d planned, but I made it on time.

We started with the nutrition consultation, and the doctor said my diet was pretty good, but since I said I felt tired all the time that I should consider upping my protein intake and make sure I’m getting enough B-12. He also suggested switching from my standard multi-vitamin to a more organic vitamin. Honestly, I was thinking of doing that already since the current one makes me wildly nauseous for about an hour after I take it.

After the nutrition talk, he did the chiropractic evaluation. He told me my posture was ok, but I lean my head to the right (??) and my right leg is an inch shorter than my left. Not much I can do about that really. He also said I’m incredibly tense, but anyone who’s ever met me knows that.

Finally, I got my ONE HOUR massage. It felt good sort of the way foam rolling feels good in that it doesn’t at all, but you’re glad you did it afterwards. She reiterated that I was very tense, and recommended I get regular massages (oh twist  my arm!). Then she proceeded to have me wincing in pain as she dug out every knot in my whole back. I do feel better, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience. On to the more enjoyable parts of my day…

The morning started with coffee, which is always bubbling because I shake the heck out of the soy milk before I pour it in.

Banana-Nutella steel cut oats with soy milk, chia seeds and cinnamon. For some reason, these didn’t fill me up quite like they usually do, and I found myself hungry for lunch by 11.

Lunch was a salad which got tossed around this morning on my way to work as I got stopped for my daily bag check. It turns out that trying to carry a purse filled with a giant salad and 450 page hardcover book on public transportation makes for quite a suspicious passenger. Before it got all messy, it was a beautiful salad beast made of romaine lettuce, hummus and an apple chopped and later dressed with Newman’s Own Sesame Ginger dressing. Yummy.

Chobani! I’ve started adding these bad boys to my lunches to keep me fuller longer. Plus, the 16 grams of protein gets me so much closer to a balanced diet. I try to stick to plain, vanilla or honey unless it’s a snack because the other flavors have a pretty high sugar content, and I like to get my sugar from chocolate.

My afternoon snack, consumed on the way to the chiropractor was Trader Joe’s delicious Almond, Cashew and Chocolate Chunk Trek Mix. Looks like I’ll be visiting Joe again soon.

Dinner had to be easy because I didn’t get home until 8, and I was hungry.

Gluten free fusili with pesto sauce and Trader Joe’s Broccoli Slaw. I just boiled the pasta and added the slaw during the last 5 minutes, drained, sauced and served. Done and done.

I didn’t have a snack last night honestly only because I was too tired. Sleep is the only thing that beats out food, but it does it every single time.


What’s your favorite easy weeknight meal?

WIAW- 3/21

Good morning sunshines! I’m so glad Wednesday is here for so many reasons. But first, I’ve got to be honest with you. I’ve been dirty little liar for a few days. Mostly it was lies of omission, but still, I gotta fess up. I’m excited today because Chris comes back from Las Vegas! That’s right. He’s been in Vegas since Saturday for the bachelor party of a friend who’s wedding he’ll be the best man in this summer. I didn’t talk about it on the blog thanks to some wonderful blogger safety advice from Julie.

It was probably pretty obvious because I’m not a very good liar, and there were some giveaways like our friend who came to visit (they were flying out together) how I couldn’t sleep in on Saturday, as if that were ever possible (I was really up taking the boys to the airport). I’ve also been eating a lot cheese! (Chris is lactose intolerant, so I generally refrain from eating cheese when he’s around. I took this as an opportunity to eat so much of it that I never want to see it again, and it worked! Turns out I didn’t miss it as much as I thought).

So there you have it, he comes home this evening, which means I don’t get to see him until after work. That means today will be slow as molasses, but I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait. I told him to take lots of pictures (I’ve never been to Vegas before). I’ll post them if you’ll forgive me for being a liarpants. Deal?

Now, on to business. I have book club tonight, so I wanted to get my workout in before work. I was up at 5:30 to run 3 miles and complete a modified version of Alyssa’s Ultimate Butt Workout. I skipped 6,7,8 and 10 because I was short on time, but it felt good to work my legs again. I don’t do a lot of leg work while I’m half marathon training, but I figured since I’m not running again until Saturday, I could stand to be extra sore for a few days.

The eats! (I couldn’t think of a transition between sore legs and eggs… wait, oh man.)

Breakfast was a departure from my norm for sure. Wanting to squeeze as much cheese into my last single lady day as possible I made an egg and muenster cheese sammich on gluten free bread with jelly.

It was good, and it definitely kept me full until lunch time, but it was a bit too heavy for first thing in the morning. It was a treat, but I couldn’t do it every day.

Lunch was very similar to last week

A garbage bowl salad with iceberg, hummus, an apple and black beans. I had some black beans leftover from the weekend, so I threw them in for extra veggie protein, but they didn’t jive with the salad very well, so they probably won’t be repeated.

My afternoon snack was the same old (in fact, I forgot to take a picture of it, so I’m recycling one)

craisins and almonds. I was still a hunger beast yesterday though, so when I came home, before my run, I had the last of my beloved peanut butter cereal bars

I love these. I’m pretty sure they’re for kids, but I don’t care.

After my run I came back and made BFD,D (breakfast for dinner, duh)

It doesn’t look very healthy, but it was veggie packed; they just happen to be very well camouflaged. My omelet was full of a yellow bell pepper and shredded carrots. I like my foods to be in the same color family. Bring on the beta carotene! On the side I had a baked potato that I made this weekend, but didn’t eat, so I chopped it up, browned it in a pan, and called it hash browns! Immediately after this picture was taken, these characters were added to the party

ketchup on the taters. salsa on the eggies. Makes for an ugly picture but a delicious dinner.

I finished the day with a mug ‘o gfree granola and soy milk.

All in all, it was a yummy (and eggy!) day. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be counting the hours until quittin’ time!

Hope you have something wonderful to look forward to.

What I Ate Wednesday- 3/14

Happy Hump Day! I don’t officially get excited on Wednesdays until after lunch because that’s when we’re officially half way through the week, but this warm weather has got me feeling good, so I guess I’ll get excited now. Yay Wednesday!!

Yesterday I woke up feeling good. I got to the gym by 6 am and did 20 minutes on the elliptical followed by my go to Total Body Toning.

Even though we’re running a lot, I really want to keep up with my toning. Training for the last half marathon made me really, well, doughy. I can’t describe it any other way. I was as fit as I’ve ever been, but I got soft. Not this time half marathon. I’m trying to stick to a schedule that includes at least two strength sessions a week. As you can see, it’s nothing grueling, but it keeps my muscles from getting all noodley. It’s a word. Trust me.

Anyway later that afternoon I got hit with a whomping headache. Seriously, it came on in a flash and did me dirty. I came home from work and took a nap. That is something I never do. I woke up feeling worse (hence why I don’t take naps) and seriously considered skipping our four mile run with 2 mile repeats at a speedy pace. Running with a headache is the worst for me. Every step feels like lightning in my brain. I even tried to talk Chris out of it by tempting him with his most favorite thing, other than me of course ;), a bike ride. He held strong though because he’s a superstar half marathon trainee, so we went on our run, and you know what? I came back feeling loads better. My head did hurt for the first mile, but, just like that, it went away. Proof that even when it’s really hard to drag yourself out the door, you’re usually glad you did.

Anyway, enough running love. Onto the eats!

My morning started with a lot of this

at the gym.

When I came back to the apartment, it was breakfast time. I’ve been out of oatmeal for almost two weeks (!!) and I was getting seriously sick of cereal. Don’t get me wrong, I love cereal, but I always find myself hungry an hour after I eat it, so I whipped up one of these babies instead

a green monster with 2 cups of spinach, 1 scoop vegan protein powder, 1 frozen banana and about 1.5 cups soy milk. It was a little bland, so I stirred in about a teaspoon of honey, which really hit the spot. It was good, but I still miss my oats. Never fear though! I picked these up on my way home from work yesterday

They’re not certified gluten free, but the interwebs tells me they’re 99% sure they don’t have gluten, so I think I’ll be ok.

That smoothie did a pretty good job of holding me over until lunch which was

a salad with romaine lettuce, a giant green apple, 2 scoops of hummus and edamame. Very green morning, huh?

I had an afternoon snack of almonds and craisins, my current snack obsession

We came back from our run hungry! And luckily dinner came together pretty quickly.

Lemon dijon chicken with brown rice and steamed garlic green beans. It looks like a small portion of chicken, but really, it’s just a giant portion of beans. And I ate all of them.

The chicken was easy peasey. You just cut 1 chicken breast into 2 inch cubes. You season them with a little salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder and sear them in a non-stick sprayed pan over medium heat until they’re brown on the outsides. Then you lower the heat and add the juice of 1 lemon and 1.5 tablespoons of dijon mustard. Stir in up, cook for another 5 minutes and serve. Yum and dairy and gluten free! As for the beans, they were steamed then tossed in a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of garlic. I then squeezed the juice of another lemon over them, and they were fresh and delicious.

Dessert was (not pictured because I nommed it all instantly) a mug of gluten free granola and soy milk.

I hope your Wednesday is fabulous and your weekend comes quickly!

Question: Do you have any breakfast/lunch/dinner go-tos that you feel a little lost without?

Mine is definitely oats with a banana and peanut butter. My mornings just haven’t been the same!

Wednesday Eats and 1/2 Priced Starbucks

Starting my week on Tuesday really threw me off yesterday, so I totally forgot to capture everything I ate. Luckily, I plan many of my eats ahead of time, so I can offer you a sneak preview of today’s eats!

I still didn’t have time to go to the supermarket, but I did pick up some essentials for this morning’s breakfast

On deck was Puffins cereal and coffee with vanilla soy milk. Multigrain puffins are hands-down my favorite “fancy” cereal. I think of them as fancy because I have to get them at Whole Foods. They don’t sell them at Target, and that’s fancy for me.

Lunch is easy today because it’s leftovers from last night’s yummy takeout

It’s delicious grilled chicken and broccoli rate with garlic and oil over brown rice. I get it 100% of the time when we order takeout and it’s always the right choice.

Snacks are the same as last week

Craisins and almonds. Can’t get enough.

Dinner is not pictured because I haven’t made it yet, but as long as I get to the supermarket tonight, it should follow my weekly schedule.

I think we’ve got a birthday at work today, so there will likely be cake. It probably won’t be gluten free, but I’ll try and take some pics anyway.

In other news, I got a glorious email last night reminding me that buy one get one half off Starbucks is back!

Starting tomorrow, if you buy a Starbucks espresso drink before 11 and bring your receipt back after 2, you can get half off any other espresso beverage. Sign me up! It’s sort of a shame because I really like the taste (and price) of Dunkin Donuts coffee best, but I also like a lot of milk in my coffee. Dunkin has yet to jump on the soy milk bandwagon, so my loyalties belong to the ‘Bucks. I tend to like different coffees in the morning and afternoon, so this little deal works well for me. Mornings are usually soy lattes (full caff) and afternoons are usually something a little sweeter like caramel macchiatos (half caff) both with soy milk of course. What will you get with this deal?

Last night I also ordered something I’ve been wanting to get for a while now. I ordered a foam roller!

I got to use one twice a week while in physical therapy for my IT band. It was amazing. Unfortunately, my gym doesn’t have one. I saw them at Target, but they retailed for like $30, which seems like a lot for a piece of foam. Luckily, I found one on Amazon for half the price, so I snapped it up. My aching muscles are so excited to be rolled, and Miles is excited for the box. It’s essential for his space mission.