Thanksgiving here I come!

For someone who was so, so sad to say goodbye to summer, I’m sort of loving this transition to winter. To everything (turn, turn, turn) there is a season… And so on. But seriously, it was such a fun summer, but boy was it full! We did so many things, it’s hard to think about without getting dizzy. Fall was a wind down of sorts, and this coming winter is shaping up to be just the sort of hibernation I was yearning for.

I say this, of course, following a week of nightly events in which Chris and I managed to eat dinner together a whopping 2 out of 7 nights, so I guess things haven’t totally quieted down, but we have had some very lovely low key weekends this month, and it is just so nice.

Unfortunately, part of the reason for this quietude is a little bout of food poisoning I managed to pick up on Monday. That threw my already perilous stomach situation into a tailspin, and I spent most of the week in a bad state. So, when our planned outing to the Bronx for a big family party (read: lots of unpredictable traffic time in the car and rich food) turned out to be not this coming Saturday, but this past one, I knew I should probably sit it out.

After a nice date night Friday at a super cheesy Italian restaurant Chris and I stumbled upon, we parted ways for the day Saturday. I went to yoga thinking it would help my stomach (it did not) then came home and did some yardwork (I used a leaf blower!) and ran a bunch of errands. I rounded out the day with a trip to the car wash and the gas station. What the what? Who am I? Typically all car things fall into Chris’ realm, but I was feeling wild I guess.


Sunday, we parted again so I could head to my adult confirmation classes and then church. While I was out, Chris put together our new spin bike!


I’ve been staring at the box since it arrived on Monday, so I was thrilled. Chris totally got me too by telling me that while I was at church he had napped and would definitely assemble the bike later. He said the disappointment on my face was too much to keep the ruse up. What can I say? I was itching to spin!

Later that day, we headed out on the most exciting errand and picked up our new Christmas tree!! After 8 years of 3′ tall apartment trees, I was so excited for a giant tree! I still think real trees are the best, but Chris successfully convinced me that Miles and Moshi would destroy a real tree long before December 25, so we went the artificial route with a 7.5′ spruce from my girl Martha. It has the option of either white or color lights. Obviously, I’m #whitelights4life but at least Chris can switch on the colorful ones when I’m not home.

I already bought a set of red and gold balls (oh yeah I’m anti ornament too- it sounds like a very sterile tree, but I swear it’s gonna look beautiful) and a tree skirt. I’m still on the hunt for a topper, but I cannot wait to put it all up. Obviously, that can only happen AFTER Thanksgiving, but if you don’t think that’s the first thing on my list Friday morning, you are mistaken.

All that being said, I’m still super excited for Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite day of the whole year, and everyone (minus my sister but I can’t even think about that without getting too sad) will be in the same place for the big meal!! I’ve got my stretchy pants ready. Let’s do this!


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